Alternative Cancer Treatments – Which Ones Really Work

     Do any alternative cancer treatments really work? If you are like me and was presented with a cancer diagnosis, you are left scrambling for solutions. Researching the internet yields hundreds of sites claiming to have alternative cancer treatments. Legally they can’t claim they have a cure but it’s implied. And until now nowhere can you find even one patient online that claims to be cured from their cancer or to have lived longer than expected by using an alternative cancer treatment. Therefore I’m creating this site in the hopes that patients that have tried alternative treatments will document their experiences and will give other cancer patients a repository of information when they are researching.

     Naturally I have my story to tell to get this rolling. I am a registered nurse, however, I am telling you about my journey from my role as cancer patient. I also cannot legally claim that I have cured my cancer with this alternative cancer treatment. However, I can give you the facts of my journey and let you decide for yourself if there is a potential benefit. And all of these facts can be 100% substantiated with copies of my scans, the radiologist’s readings, and lab results. I can also prove that I was not under any other cancer treatment at the time. I sincerely feel that this alternative cancer treatment worked for me!

      When I began my alternative cancer treatment, I was not currently being treated for cancer. I was fortunate enough to be in a position that they needed it to get bigger before I could have my next round of traditional medical treatment. And likewise I would never advise that anyone avoid traditional medicine. I would never forgive myself if someone chose alternative medicine over traditional medicine, it didn’t work, and they lost valuable time being treated traditionally. There are no guarantees that what apparently worked for me, will work for you, or for your type of cancer. In fact, please read my page called “Important Update!” which explains a recent change in my health regarding the new development of a basal cell skin lesion. I now believe this treatment may only be effective for certain cancers, in my case liver metastasis. I go into more detail on that page. However if you are ever in a situation where you need to wait before starting treatment, or if you’ve been told by traditional medical doctors that there is no chance of cure or nothing more they can do for you, there still may be options.

     Throughout my cancer treatment, I had the best care imaginable. All of the physicians and nurses were wonderful, caring, thorough, etc. I know they did everything right with the tools they had available, but despite their best efforts, my stage III colon cancer seemed to progress… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

     Briefly this is how it all started. In October 2008 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had a laparoscopic assisted sigmoid colectomy in November. Biopsies showed 4 of 32 positive lymph nodes so I underwent 6 months of chemo that ended June ’09. During my first annual follow-up testing in October ‘09 they found an 11 mm spot in my liver that was confirmed not to have been on the preoperative CT or MRI in ’08. This new lesion was read as “suspicious of metastasis”. I was referred to a liver specialist who recommended waiting 3 months to see if more lesions developed before undergoing more surgery (to the liver this time), then following up with more chemo.

     I had been keeping a blog on the Caring Bridge site ( to keep my family informed of my current health status. However I didn’t want them to worry about the recent developments until I knew for sure what the plan was. Here is the information I documented for them when I finally informed them of the lesion:

So.. it’s been awhile since I have updated you on what’s going on with my health. So I have a little catching up to do…

As you know the last chemo treatment was June 17th. I had a tough road ahead of me just to even start feeling normal. I was weak, pale, blood work out of whack, had ½ my hair and numb hands and feet, but I was alive. I quit taking the powerful antioxidant I was on because it was too difficult to take and I figured after 9 months and with the chemotherapy, I should be good. Plus I was sort of angry about something I had read on the internet that said during chemotherapy you should not take any antioxidants because they protect the cancer cells from the chemotherapy the same way they protect your healthy cells from it. I may have gone through chemotherapy all for nothing. However the other school of thought was that by protecting your healthy cells taking antioxidants the patient was more likely to complete the course of treatment at the optimum dose and duration. To stay sane I kept that thought in my mind. I stayed on another antioxidant alternative treatment because it was easier to take and since my chemo was completed it couldn’t hurt anything.

I had an appointment with my oncologist in July. Everything looked good. My CEA was still the lowest it could be… <0.5, same as before surgery. But my oncologist and my surgeon both had said it didn’t look like the CEA would ever be an accurate indicator of tumor growth for me because it was always well within normal limits (0-3.0) even when I still had my colon tumor.

The end of September 2009 I celebrated the one year anniversary of my diagnosis with a colonoscopy. After all I’ve been through in the last year, it was a cakewalk! He did find one small polyp that was benign and removed it. Yippee! He still recommended a follow up colonoscopy in a year.            

Also for follow-up, October 1st I had a CT Scan of the abdomen and pelvis. Everything looked good except that there was one small 11 mm mass in my liver that was not there before. The Radiologist read it as suspected metastasis and recommended an MRI since MRI is better for a differential diagnosis. The MRI was done October 6th and was also suspicious of malignancy. The radiologists scoured through my scans from October ’08 and couldn’t find any sign of a growth back then, so it was definitely something new. This was VERY worrisome to me as you might imagine!

I contacted my colon surgeon to see what my options were short of throwing in the towel. He said considering my age and general health, that this would be still treatable. He recommended and made an appointment for me with a liver transplant surgeon. Even though I wouldn’t need a liver transplant, I would need a liver transplant caliber surgeon. I had an appointment with my oncologist October 8th. He also told me it could still be curable at this stage. The future looked like more surgery and more chemotherapy. And this time he would recommend a different chemo. The side effects for the recommended chemo would be complete hair loss but not so much on the neuralgia in the hands and feet. He ordered my routine lab which included a CEA. This time is was 0.5. Now as you remember, while this is still very much within normal limits of 0-3.0, now it was registering something above the <0.5 for the first time ever. This was not normal for me! This added to my concern, but I thought maybe the <0.5 was close to 0.49999999 and it just fluctuated enough to register something more. I stopped taking the other alternative cancer treatment I was on because obviously it wasn’t working. Nevertheless I was determined to fight.

I gathered up my scans and took them to my appointment with the liver surgeon October 12th 2009. He looked at my scans and said he didn’t think it was cancerous but he wanted to confer with a radiologist who does nothing but read CT and MRIs of the abdomen. He also ordered lab work and wanted to see me in a week. He said even if it was cancerous, it was still too small to operate on because unless it was visible by intraoperative ultrasound he wouldn’t be sure he could find it. He didn’t want to just take out a piece of liver hoping he would get it. Also, he didn’t want to operate for such a small lesion, and then possibly have more show up in 3 to 6 months requiring more surgery.

I returned in a week for the analysis of the scans and lab work. The radiologist agreed that it wasn’t the typical looking metastatic lesion. They thought it could be an AV fistula. In researching this possibility, this really didn’t seem right to me. AV fistulas don’t just come out of nowhere; usually they are due to trauma, which I have not had. The CEA drawn at this facility (just four days after the CEA at my local lab that was 0.5) was 2.0. Now… since this was drawn so close to the one at the regular lab I had been going to and there was that much difference, I knew it was only explainable by the difference in the labs, but at least now there was a baseline at both hospitals. The decision was to wait, get another CT in 3 months and make a decision then. I accepted that but I knew it would be a tough 3 months trying to go on with my life while waiting for a mass to grow in my liver. But at least it would postpone things until after the holidays. I hoped no one would notice the stress I was under.

November 4th I had another appointment with my oncologist. While he understood and agreed with the decision for the CT in 3 months, he agreed with me that it was most likely a metastatic lesion. He drew another CEA for my regular lab and it was 0.6 (still climbing). Again, while still within normal limits for the general population, this was abnormal for me. When I got that result November 5th, I just knew it had to be steadily growing.    

So now… I’m sitting and waiting for a tumor to grow.  How big will it be when the three months are up? If the CEA is going up steadily; so is the tumor size. And I’m only 1/3rd of the way through the 3 month wait. All I knew was it was getting larger and I still had 2 months to go of growing before I could find out how much. Plus, whether it’s my imagination or not, I’m starting to have short periods of jabs of pain in my liver area. But the most painful is the waiting not doing anything!

And you are probably all wondering… why didn’t she tell us? Well the answer to that is, I wanted everyone to think I was cured at least until I knew FOR SURE I wasn’t. It was so horrible having to tell everyone when I was first diagnosed. I just couldn’t put my family through that again if there was the least chance that it wasn’t metastasis. I was even thinking and wondering if there was a way I could even go through surgery and chemo without anyone knowing, but it would have to be a damn good wig for that to happen!

So what can I do? I was really down on the alternative cancer hogwash because at this point I thought those antioxidant alternatives could have stopped the chemotherapy from working. And I also kept thinking about when the verdict comes in on the mass, how horrible it would be to have to tell everyone. I could just hear my dad say “You should have been taking that hydrogen peroxide therapy!” I thought, what would I tell him? “Dad, I didn’t tell you but I DID take the crap and it didn’t do any good, ’cause look where I am today, looking at liver resection surgery and more chemotherapy!” Then it hit me. I was not doing any traditional medical treatment right then. I could be using this time to run my own ‘clinical trial’. I had a baseline CT, MRI and CEA (even at two hospitals) and I knew I’d be getting a follow-up CT for comparison. What did I have to lose? The worst thing that could happen is that it would do no good; the best thing is that it does.

So even though I was really down on alterative cancer treatments, I started to research the hydrogen peroxide therapy. What I read was peroxide H2O2 breaks down into water H2O and a free oxygen radical (or oxidant) which supposedly kills cancer cells. This piqued my interest a little because it was the opposite of the antioxidants I was taking before. But to my knowledge at the time, you don’t absorb oxygen through your gut, we have lungs for that and its called breathing. However, I ordered the 35% food grade peroxide (not to be confused with the drug store version which is 3.5% and has preservatives in it, therefore cannot be used for this purpose) for $31.85 including shipping and handling. While I waited for it to come, I continued my research online. One valuable clue I found was that fresh fruit contains natural hydrogen peroxide. This might explain the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And I never was much of a fresh fruit eater. The peroxide arrived the weekend before Thanksgiving and I started taking the lowest dose. It took 2 ½ weeks to get up to a recommended dose. I fully expected this not to work, but what did I have to lose?

I also read that it’s contraindicated for people that have had transplants since it can cause them to reject their organs. But all my parts were still factory originals so this was not a factor for me.

I had an appointment with my colon surgeon on December 3rd 2009 and told him about my CEAs from my local lab, what the liver surgeon had said, and the plan to wait and get the CT (now in less than one month). He understood my concerns about the CEA but was cautiously optimistic since the liver surgeon and the radiologist he conferred with are rarely wrong. The CT was scheduled for December 28th.

While I waited, I noticed those jabbing pains I was having seemed to have gone away. But I assumed maybe they were only gas pains and didn’t think much of it.

I went to have my CT with my old October ’09 scans in hand. At the time of the scan I asked who would be reading it. I didn’t tell them so, but I was hoping the doctor that the liver surgeon conferred with would read it since he was supposed to be so good. They said the doctor reading would be the doctor working that day at this outpatient imaging center. I was disappointed, but I knew at least they had a digital imaging system so my preferred doctor would look at it if the liver surgeon needed him to. When the scan was over they handed me back my old scans and said “this one would be going downtown to be read” and they didn’t need my old scans, but told me hang on to them because someone sometime will probably want to see them. I didn’t ask why because the tech wouldn’t be able to tell me anyway. But it left me playing different scenarios over in my mind. I knew there was a change but what kind? Good or bad? I knew I’d have to wait until my appointment with the liver specialist in a week. It was a grueling week playing every imaginable scenario over and over in my mind. And also a lot of praying! My whole future, if I had one, hinged on what they told me at that appointment!

Finally the day arrived. The weather was terrible but no one or nothing was going to prolong the not knowing. I sat in the office chair waiting for the verdict as they looked through my records. After a few addendums (he didn’t even see the lesion the first time around), the scan result showed that the lesion was slightly smaller but they still weren’t sure what it was. The (still a different) radiologist suspected possibly another benign hemangioma. I couldn’t believe my ears! I asked “well what types of things get smaller?”! They said quietly… nothing. There was a somewhat confused look on their faces. He asked me to send copies of my ’08 scans because if this was an AV fistula or hemangioma, they should have been present in ’08. (But as I said, I spoke with the radiologist that read the scans in October ’09 and they scoured the ‘08s then looking for something and couldn’t find anything in that area.) He ordered another CEA and the plan was to do an MRI in 3 more months. I held off getting too excited until I got the CEA results. The CEA came back the next day at 1.5 (which is 25% less than their previous 2.0 drawn in October!) a few days later I had another CEA drawn at my regular lab on January 6th  and it was back down to <0.5!

So how did this happen? To me… with the CEAs back to my normal and the size of the lesion in the scan both going down, this had to be a metastatic lesion. And the only thing that I changed in the 3 months was taking the hydrogen peroxide therapy! Plus theoretically it was still growing beyond the October size evidenced by the CEAs still climbing in those two months before I started the peroxide. So to see ANY reduction in the size of the October scans is a big thing. It was only three weeks after I achieved the recommended dose on the peroxide that I had the CT scan. The real proof would be in the scan coming up in April. But I fully expected it to be GONE by then. At the risk of creating a monster 🙂 I had very different news to tell my dad. I feel like I owe my life to my dad! I’m sure the prayers (mine and all of yours) played a huge part, possibly by making my dad nag me so much about the peroxide. And believe me, I was reluctant and didn’t believe it would work so there’s no placebo effect. And how can a smaller lesion be placebo effect anyway? I’m not trying to convince anyone they need to take this. Just because I’m seeing improvement with my type of cancer doesn’t mean this will help another type or even someone with the same type of cancer, but apparently it’s working for me!

I’ll update you on my April scan (which as I said I fully believe it will be gone by then), but in the mean time, I’m living my life!


     Since then I’ve been continuing to have scans every 3 – 6 months and CEAs every 3 months, the lesion has been stable in size since March 2010 when it was measured at 5 mm. I honestly believe that since I’m decreasing my hydrogen peroxide dose (I’ve only been taking it twice a week for the last 6 months) and the spot is consistently 5 mm since March 2010, that what they are seeing now is just the leftover vasculature of what was there, but I believe the cancer cells are gone. Somewhere I read online that liver lesions that have been treated successfully with chemo, look like hemangiomas on MRI. So maybe the same is true if treated with hydrogen peroxide. With one exception, my CEAs are all still <0.5 at my local lab. The exception occurred when my blood was drawn four days after I had my colonoscopy (which was clean by the way) in August 2010. My CEA popped up to it’s highest ever, 1.4. I was able to find evidence online that manipulation during the colonoscopy can elevate CEAs even on patients that do not have colon cancer, much the same way a man’s PSA result can be falsely elevated after a rectal exam. And my CEA has been <0.5 ever since.

     Of course since I have not had a liver biopsy, there is no real proof that it was a metastatic lesion. However, like the doctor told me when I asked him what types of liver lesions can develop after colon cancer then get smaller without medical treatment, all he could say was “nothing”.

     So as I said, my alternative treatment was 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Please, please, please research this or any alternate treatment thoroughly before taking it. My mission is not to tell you how it works, how to take it, when not to take it, etc. That is not my area of expertise. There are plenty of sites and reams of information available out there just by searching on “hydrogen peroxide therapy” or “oxygen therapy” that provides the mechanism of action, dosage, and precautions, etc. I have provided a couple links to get you started. All I can say is this is what I tried in desperation and it apparently worked for me. Prayer and peroxide were the only treatments I was taking.

      Should you decide to try hydrogen peroxide therapy, you may want to consider including flaxseed oil. I’ve read two different resources that claim flaxseed oil enhances the effectiveness of peroxide. Coincidently I had been taking flaxseed oil capsules during and after my chemotherapy to help my nails grow. This might also explain why the hydrogen peroxide therapy seemed to be so effective for me.

     For those that are here looking for answers and decide to try the peroxide, I would love to hear from you and follow your progress if you don’t mind. Please either leave a comment, or email me at if you would rather remain anonymous.

     And for those that have already tried alternative cancer treatments whether it was peroxide therapy or another treatment, now it’s your turn. Please share your experiences so others may benefit. We need to get the word out that, in the event traditional medical treatment fails, there may still be options… and we are living (and thriving) proof!

     UPDATE (6/25/2011): Follow this link for the latest update on my health. But if you look closely at the URL it will give you a clue!

77 Responses to Alternative Cancer Treatments – Which Ones Really Work

  1. Jerry Genis says:

    Very Interesting!! Do you mean the hydrogen preroxide you can buy anywhere in the brown bottle for like .80cents? I do use it daily for mouth wash and gargling and it works wonders to always and almost instanly stop any sore throat.
    Thanks for sharing your story

    • Rosanne says:

      Jerry, No definately not the h202 you buy in the drug store! There are perservatives in the drug store variety that you would not want to take internally. Also the drug story variety is 3.5% h2o2 and the food grade peroxide is 35%. There are links on my blog that direct you to more information that you should research before administering this treatment. Thank you for visiting my site. Best wishes, Rosanne

      • Jerry Genis says:

        Thanks for responding.I ve always been intreged by nutritian, vitamins and alternative health. I believe God put everything we need to have a healthy full life right in front of us, and it`s the choices we make,right or wrong that guides our path. Thank you for putting out this web site. It will be a blessing to many.

  2. Hi Rosanne,
    Very glad things have worked for you.
    I used a slightly different strategy, and am feeling great, 18 months after being given a 50% chance of surviving metastasized melanoma.
    My last set of cat scans showed no evidence of any tumours.
    What I did is on my blog –
    Of the many things I tried, vitamin C seems to have been the most important. Each time I eased off the vitamin C I had new tumours appear, and 3 times I got the tumour to disappear simply by increasing the vitamin C dose.
    I am staying strict vegan, and feeling good.

    As a biochemist by training, the more I learn about possible interrelated mechanisms, the more sense treatments like Vitamin C, peroxide, and eliminating meat make to me.

    Certainly a lot of nonsense out there – 90% of what is written at a guess; and amongst it is some useful data. I spent several hundred hours searching and evaluating before settling on the things I chose to try.
    Anyone reading this, I strongly advise you to do the same.
    Best of luck

    • Rosanne says:

      Again… I am so happy for you! I’m not a conspiracy theorist, however please read my latest post on why these alternatives will never be accepted by traditional medicine if you haven’t already. It tells of my chance meeting and conversation with someone working pharmaceutical research. I now ‘follow’ your blog so I will be updated on your continued great health! Please keep in touch.

    • Liz says:

      My sister’s cancer returned for the third time she’s 71 she’s not doing so good but my ex-husband told me about this . his doctor said the prostate numbers look bad So he began the therapy. When he retutned his #s were very well below normal. We give it our cat, she 16 years old. Treated disease nearly dead trees that the engineers said we’re for more of a potential Hazard and could fall over onto the house in the storm. Besides it’s dead so we would need to cut it down. My husband applied the treatment within a week the difference was remarkable . it’s thriving and is now over 30 feet tall. fruit trees that had been taken over by parasites and fungus produced a ton of fruit this year.
      I’m 55 and my dad’s family had brain cancer stomach cancer pancreatic cancer you name it so I have recently decided I’m going to take it as preventative. I’m very excited but as far preventative, her son’s a chemist, they’re from the South and very close minded, but this is the Touchstone sister and is this is her third time I just wish shed give it a try I ordered it can and had it send directly to her house. I love your blog I will also be forwarding this link to her as well you’re The Real McCoys and I appreciate you sharing your story about going through the same things. I only hope she’ll give it a chance thanks again

  3. AntiCancer says:

    Great blog you have here friend. I would like to reiterate the benefit of knowing what works and what does not. Some things just are simply better worked out than others. I hope everyone reading this blog agrees. Hey, it is helpful information, so why not? Can be a lifesaver if used properly.

  4. jmackdog says:

    What a great story and your journey to health freedom is very inspiring !

    My dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 Acinar Pancreas Cancer and he thinks alternative methods are useless. My wife and I are on a maintenance dose of H202 for the past year and feel great. I have sent him the “One Minute Cure” before the Doc’s ruin his immune system with chemo poison, but he is a very jaded man and thinks i am crazy. Do you have any suggestions on how to make him at least try the Peroxide therapy before his immune system is gone ?? thanks, jimmy

    • Rosanne says:

      Jimmy, Sorry to hear about your dad’s cancer diagnosis. I can relate to your dad’s skepticism regarding alternatives because that’s the same way I felt, especially because I’m a registered nurse. I thought if alternatives are so great, why aren’t they approved? Hopefully you’ve read my post regarding Why Hydrogen Peroxide Will Never be Accepted by Traditional Medicine and see that it just doesn’t make good business sense for a pharmaceutical company to invest a lot of money in a clinical trial for a product that cannot be patented. And the doctors can not prescribe something that has not gone through clinical trials, is not approved for use and is not the standard of care. So how to convince your dad…. that’s always the biggest challenge. In my case, the only reason I took the peroxide was my dad was relentless with his nagging. And as you probably saw, I only took it to prove him wrong and to finally get him off my back. Imagine the surprise when it DID work! My dad has always been a pretty smart guy, but I thought I knew a lot more about medicine than he did, being trained in traditional medicine and all. And while it really irritated me when he nagged me so much, I knew he was only doing it because he loved me so much and didn’t want to lose me. And in hindsight I’m ever so appreciative. But whether to nag or not to nag is up to you. My philosphy is you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. To me people that know me have an advantage because they’ve been there for each milestone and know me as a credible trustworthy (and sane) person. My dad had more of a challenge because he didn’t know of anyone personally that peroxide had helped. My hope is that people hear my story and can see how well I’m doing, because I’m not much of a nag. But if it came right down to a loved one being diagnosed with cancer I guess I too would resort to relentless nagging if it was the only way. But ultimately, it’s your dad’s decision.
      I know you can find just about anything on the internet and you can’t tell what to believe and what not to believe. To me as long as anyone could make a buck on it, that made it less credible. And for most of what you find on the internet, someone is making money on it somewhere. If it helps for him to know, I don’t make a penny off my blog. It’s a free blog so I don’t even earn money on any advertisements you see. My whole purpose it to put a face to my success story to help as many people as I can. I’m actually taking a personal and professional risk to tell my story since I’m a nurse. Being an RN I can’t be perceived as perscribing anything, however, hopefully there should not be anything wrong with telling my story which is all provable facts.
      I had a friend that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but not the same type as your dad. By the time she ws diagnosed it was so far advanced, even traditional medicine had given up on her and said there was nothing they could do. That was in July 2010 and they told her if she was lucky she would make it to Christmas (< 5 months). She decided to take the h2o2, however did not take the full recommended dose, and only taking it once or twice a day. She surpassed Christmas and was feeling well enough that she was making plans for things to do in the spring, graduation parties, etc. I don't know why but she didn't tell her doctors that she was taking the h2o2, so they didn't order any tests to monitor her progress, but they kept remarking how well she was doing! Toward the end of February she quit taking the peroxide siting complaints it was irritating her stomach. She told me that she knew the peroxide was working for her because as soon as she quit, she started having more pain and became weaker. She still lived until the next July which was more than twice her life expectancy. I wish she had been more dedicated taking it, and when it bothered her stomach that she would have diluted it in more water or even tried it in a vaporizer instead. But she was very grateful for the extra time it gave her and when you think of it, from the time she quit taking it to the time she passed was about the time she was given in the first place, 5 months. So at least it seems the peroxide bought her all extra time she was taking it.
      One last thought. My dad said he prayed every night for direction on how he could help me. And I had a lot of other people praying for me too. My dad said that the answer to his prayers was that he was to nag me until I took the peroxide. And I'm so glad I did!
      I have other friends with other types of cancer also taking the peroxide that are doing well. But since I haven't asked their permission to tell their stories, I need to maintain their privacy.
      I'll keep your dad in my prayers. If he wants to contact me I'll answer any questions and encourage him anyway I can. And even if he chooses not to contact me, could you please keep in touch, yourself, to let me know how he's doing?
      Best wishes,

  5. jmackdog says:

    thank you so very much !! I am printing your blog for him and I will keep you posted .. jimmy

    • Rosanne says:

      Jimmy, I would like to clarify something. I do not know anything about your dad and his diagnosis other than what you have told me, Stage IV Acinar Pancreas Cancer. I don’t know what his doctors told him about his chances of survival by taking traditional cancer treatments. I have always advocated taking the traditional route first and only using alternatives when told there is no chance of a cure or there is nothing more traditional medicine has to offer. In addition I don’t recommend trying it while being treated traditionally so the alternatives don’t interfere with the action of the chemotherapy or radiation treatments. There are no guarantees for any treatment, and because peroxide seemed to work for me and my type of cancer does not mean it will work for your dad and his type of cancer. I just want people to know there still may be options if traditional medical treatment fails. And my apparent individual success should not be interpreted as a scientifically tested clinical trial. I know you must already have researched peroxide since you and your wife have been taking it for a year, however please don’t let your research for your dad’s cancer diagnosis end at my blog. I’m keeping your family and your dad in my prayers. Keep me posted.

      • jmackdog says:

        Hi Rosanne,
        I just came back from visiting my Dad and his Cancer has moved to bones, nodes and possibly liver. A team of Dr’s will evaluate his advanced stage this Wed. to offer options (if any) are available to him. He has some pain, but the Cancer hasn’t taken over yet and he is still pretty healthy. He is torn on even trying the chemo-radiation that his doctor said is his only chance at extending life, but at what cost ? I think he may choose to do nothing 😦

        This is what I proposed to him today and he pretty much told me that I am not a doctor and that my opinion means nothing.

        start the one minute H202 cure asap.
        start the Gerson Therapy next.
        start drinking water kefir (I brang him some) daily for the Probiotic benefit
        stop drinking the tap water
        stop taking vitamin c during H202 therapy

        Thank you for your honesty and taking the time, and if your wonderful blog doesn’t entice him to at least try the therapy, I will get back to nagggging.. sometimes that works, wink wink


      • Rosanne says:

        Jimmy, I see you are open to other alternatives, too. Did you see my post called “The Macrobiotic Approach – Janet Vitt”? It links to her YouTube video, so you can see her tell her story yourself. She was diagnosed in 1995 and was gravely ill, given just weeks to live. Her story is truely awesome, I think more amazing than mine because she was much sicker. Maybe your dad would be more open to changing his diet, and it would be something he could do while doing traditional treatments if he chooses to. Check it out! I don’t know the details of a macrobiotic diet off the top of my head but there is plenty of information online if you think he would persue that. Rosanne

  6. Tiffany says:

    Hi rosanne,
    My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer last week at age 50. My grandpa, her dad, also had colon cancer but not til age 72. She is scheduled for surgery the 17h of September to remove about 7inches of her colon. I guess they wont really know what stage until they do the surgery. My uncle had told us about food grade hydrogen peroxide and ive been researching for her. Its defenetaly something she wants to try but werent sure if she should start it before her surgery or not. Is it okay to immediately stop the food grade hydrogen peroxide for the surgery then start back up after? And how long would we ait afer surgery to start again? And how much did u take In water daily? And if they recomend chemo could she take it still? How many months did it takefor yor cancer to get better? I know I have a bunch of questions but my mom means the world to me and I just cant imagine watching her suffer. Is there a certain brand you trust? Thanks so much and hope to hear back from you soon!

  7. Pete says:

    Hi there,

    Just a quick one. Wanted to know if ingesting diluted hydrogen peroxide could be dangerous with high serem ferriten levels (260) ? I looked into it and noticed a few articles and studies that talked about the Fenton reaction – the dangerous effect of combination of iron and hydrogen peroxide. Appreciate any thoughts.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hello Pete, I’m sorry but I can’t really speak to that since I didn’t have high serum ferriten levels that I know of. Since h2o2 definitely causes a chemical reaction I would heed any cautionary articles. I will try to research it over the next couple days and get back to you, but I really can only offer my experience with the diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide. I’ll get back with you… Rosanne

  8. Pete says:

    Thanks Rosanne, appreciate your help. I would very much appreciate it if you could also let me know if you’ve come across any success stories from anybody thats had liver and bone mets (from the breast). The oncologist has suggested taking capecitabine (only had a partial response with taxotere and tamoxifen didnt work/made thing worse.). Appreciate your time.

  9. JTD says:

    Over a month ago the doctors pretty much wrote off my mother as a goner…
    In addition to Alzheimer’s Disease, she had an advanced tumor in her lung and, due to her age (nearly 90) it was deemed inoperable. Obviously she was also too weak to withstand chemo.
    I didn’t see any other alternative for her. Either just sit back and watch her slowly die or try something radical out of desperation.
    After bringing her home I started her on Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy (yes, The One Minute Cure and other online materials I had been reading for the previous few years), first starting her off on a conservative dosage of 1 drop per glass of water, not knowing what to expect from an online “miracle” cure, as I’m very skeptical and don’t trust Anything I read online…
    She is now at 25 drops per glass, 3x a day, though trying to get her to drink this (or take any other medications for that matter) is extremely problematic and doesn’t always go down.
    So far I don’t see much of a change in her beyond having more energy (to rant and scream) and she also hasn’t fallen into a vegetative state (as an aunt of mine did when she developed AD).

    The key is to use 35% Food Grade H2O2 and to dilute it as per the protocols. I’ve also been using well water as opposed to distilled. Surely the key here is simply to avoid chlorination and that is what I’m counting on. Beyond this, it appears to be safe for the time being. There is no pain though her breathing is still troublesome. Maybe there is a Big Pharma conspiracy, for there certainly is one regarding cell phones and the whole communications industry as RF does indeed promote cancers. But there is precious little to go on with this therapy. What I read online sounds like the same lines regurgitated over and over again from The One Minute Cure. The only deaths directly related to it come from fools who swallowed pure 35% H2O2 without diluting it, and possibly those who used the cheap brown container Non-Food Grade variety not intended for internal use. I’m counting on the age old history of this compound curing plague victims, rats who’ve had their tumors disintegrated from drinking peroxide-spiked water, and various other cases being 100% true.

    What bothers me though are the Contradictions I read in regards to this therapy. One says only to use distilled water as impurities will react with the compound–then the Same article later says you can dilute the H2O2 in milk, juice, etc…and the Same article makes note of not to administer Vitamin C yet later says diluting it in Orange Juice is Okay?!? Some sources say it’s fine to continue at the 25 drop level and maintain it without decreasing. Others say to Start at this dangerous level. Others say to revert to 2x daily while others say do it once or twice a week at 25 drops… What I’d like to know is what happens if you suddenly stop at 25 drops rather than decrease? This kind of slipshod journalism disturbs me. One article I read connects H2O2 as one of the Causes or Carriers of cancer, comparing it to “cancer fertilizer.” Other articles say that H2O2 is hogwash because there’s so very little O2 in it as to be totally worthless on the body and if it’s at all effective it should be administered via I.V. or that it reacts dangerously with the body’s cells causing cell damage and maybe creating cancer, etc. Scare tactics?

    What makes me want to believe this stuff works is the fact that it’s a very simple and basic compound, while hard to come by in 35% form it’s still way cheaper than scam miracle potions out there and there is some documented proof of its effectiveness over the past century that I can’t simply ignore.

    I’ll continue giving my mother the H2O2. An inch-long tumor in a lung is a nasty thing to combat. I just don’t know what dosage to give her. I would hate to Increase it. The articles keep mentioning a purge period or “healing crisis” but I’ve observed nothing out of the ordinary for her beyond a bit of diarrea and a lot of urination (try drinking 3 full glasses of water a day!). She seems to be warmer than usual, and still retains the usual AD symptoms of fatigue and disorientation. One usual thing I have observed is her complaints about her back being extremely itchy, with possible bug bite marks. Are toxins trying to be purged through her skin or are there bugs in her bed?
    Lots of questions and few answers. That’s the story of our lives, isn’t it.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hello JTD, I agree with you regarding not mixing the peroxide in tap water. I would be concerned about chemical reaction that may occur mixing it with either chlorinated or fluorinated water. I too have been bothered by the contradictions I have found regarding what you can and cannot mix the peroxide with. When I started taking the peroxide I was mixing it with 2% milk with no ill effects. I stopped when I was out of milk one day and used the distilled water. I found then that the milk really did not help mask the taste and it wasn’t really that bad in the water. Also I was concerned that mixing it with anything other than distilled water may cause that precious oxygen atom to be released and wasted before my body could utilize it. I have been using distilled water ever since. Unfortunately with our current system for selecting what makes it to clinical trials there will never be a universally accepted, scientifically tested and recommended best practice. Instead we will be left gather as much information as we can and decide as individuals what works best for us. Best wishes to you and your mom. Please keep me posted on her progress. Does she have any scans scheduled to monitor her tumor? I’ll keep both of you in my prayers,

  10. JTD says:

    I’m trying to find some decent websites where this protocol has been successfully followed and documented. For the past year she’s had an ulcer and therefore a low blood count. One site says H2O2 eats away at the stomach lining–another site says that a person’s ulcer was Healed using this H2O2 therapy! These contradictions are crazy.

    It’s reached the stage where I can’t even get her out of the house, and that includes to the local doctor to renew her prescriptions (he refuses to do so without seeing her even if it Kills her!).
    Where I live, Capitalism rules and is more important than peoples’ health and the right to live.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hello JTD, There are no cut and dried answers in medicine. You must treat the individual. I can offer a reason why the person on peroxide may have had their ulcer healed while on peroxide. More than a few years ago it was discovered that the majority of stomach ulcers were caused by a bacteria. It would seem reasonable to me that the peroxide may have killed that bacteria for the person who had their stomach ulcer healed, therefore allowing it to heal. As far as the physician not prescribing medications for your mom unless she was seen goes, that is understandable and a requirement. we live in a very litigious society and physicians have standards they are required to follow in order to, first, provide safe appropriate care to their patients and, second, avoid lawsuits. This includes assessing their patients before treating them. Best wishes to you and your mom. I do understand the challenging position you are in. I’ll keep both of you in my prayers.

  11. JTD says:

    I’ve had it with doctors, they’re just pimps for Big Pharma.
    I’m having second thoughts about Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy…
    How the hell can drinking a Few H2O2 Drops per glass of water “oxegenate” yours cells?
    Think of the ratios here. An extra atom of oxygen here and there in less than a teaspoonful…big hairy deal. Isn’t this about as ridiculous as “rehydrating” a man dying of thirst by giving him a few drops of water? At least the IV method has it going directly into your bloodstream…but I still think it would be just a drop in the ocean. If any good comes of it, it’s probably coincidence or the placebo effect. I’m not saying that taking diluted H2O2 is dangerous, only that it’s fruitless. You’d probably be better off simply drinking more plain old water (H2O) which, on the whole, would add up and surpass the effectiveness of a few drops of peroxide. It would also be 100% safe and natural and free. Or am I thinking along the wrong lines here, leaving something out?

  12. Michele wallin says:

    I cannot take any drugs my system will not handle it so I am trying H202 to rid tumors in my rectum and vaginal area. What supplements should I be taking with this therapy. I just started and am taking 10 drops in 8oz three times a day. I’m assuming by what I gave read I need to get to 25 drops three times a day. I am also doing the budwig diet with it. I have three children who still need me so I am going to try. I have prayed and this is how I have been led. I pray for everyone with cancer but it sure does make you realize how precious people in your life are. God bless Michele

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Michele,
      I am assuming that since you can’t tolerate the treatments that you at least had surgery or other treatments if it was recommended by the doctor, correct? Regarding which supplements you should take along with the peroxide goes, the following is what I did. I covered these in the various pages of my blog, linked on the main page along the right hand side. Did you see them? Check them out if you want more detail but the basics for me were:
      1) Peroxide
      2) flax seed capsules (You may have this covered if you are doing the Budwig diet. If I remember right flax seed oil is the main part of this.)
      3) go light on antioxidants
      4) go light on sugars as sugar is fertilized for cancer cells
      5) go light on meat. I’m vegetarian now. But I did that gradually. The peroxide seemed to be working before I was a vegetarian. I have an article about something I read regarding cancer cells having a protein coating and if all the enzymes produced by your pancreas (which only makes a limited supply) are used up by digesting meat, there won’t be any left over to digest that protein coating on the cancer cell which is needed for your immune system to kill it. Also did you see the Janet Vitt page? To me that proves that diet plays an important part even though I didn’t follow a macrobiotic diet plan mostly because I didn’t hear about her until my liver lesion was gone.
      6) last but not least… copious praying 🙂

      Michele, unfortunately I am not an expert on this so I can’t say for sure my regimen will work for everyone. These are the changes I made that seemed to work for me. Too bad there aren’t more official studies done on alternative cancer treatments. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me again. I’ll keep you in my prayers, Rosanne

  13. Sue Wagner says:

    Hi Rosanne, I just wanted to let you know I think you are an amazing woman and an inspiration to us all. You have such a positive attitude and such a warm heart. Thank you for sharing with all of us!! Sue Wagner

  14. Alexis says:

    Hello Rosanne, I think you story is truly amazing and I admire your efforts. Having a positive attitude is so important to become well again. I did not have cancer but I had a type of virus that was hard on my body and with hydrogen peroxide I basically cured myself. I do not have any symptoms or complications anymore. It was a miracle to me, however my family believes that I am crazy for doing it. I really want to thank you for sharing your story. This can really help people if they give it a try. Best wishes!


    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Alexis, Thank you for sharing your experience with the peroxide. Can I ask what type of virus you had and if you have confirmation from lab tests that the virus is gone? If you feel more comfortable emailing me privately please use And congratulations! I know it has a lot more uses that for cancer and am glad it worked for you. Best wishes! Rosanne

      • Alexis says:

        Hi Roseanne,

        I was diagnosed with Hsv after my boyfriend cheated on me. I suffered from cold sores all the time. Almost every month for about 7 months. I came across the H202 therapy and did 3 drops all the way to 25 drops 3 times a day. Then I went back down. I went through the crisis stage where my body was trying to get rid of the virus. Well when I was done with the protocol i felt amazing. Everything about my health seemed to be so improved. I have not have another cold sore since and that was close to a year now. I continue to spray hydrogen peroxide on my skin and rub in DMSO cream. I do this maybe 2 times a month. I went to the doctors to get my blood tested and it still detected anti bodies for the virus. However I asked my doctor if that could ever go away even if I was cured and she said most likely not. Just because my body had to fight it before so it will keep that defense. I truly believe I am cured. This stuff really works and it is a shame that it will never be completely accepted from the health care world. I wish more people could learn the benefits of this amazing stuff. Take care!!


  15. Sue Davage says:

    Hi Rosanne
    I tried it on our little dog who had a tumor and we saw how much better he was whilst taking it. It’s a problem however getting animals to drink it and he would only eat wet food, so less need for water. We do feel it prolonged his life by almost a year after the vet said he only had a matter of weeks left to live. I would definitely try it myself if the need arises.

    • Rosanne says:

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry for your loss. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your pet longer than you expected. That’s a significant difference weeks vs a year. Best wishes, Rosanne

  16. wyvonnia dillard says:

    My brother has colin cancer & i was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. Where do i get the dose amounts etc for hydrogen peroxide therapy. Im sure my doctors wont tell me.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hello Wyvonnia, sorry to hear of your and your brother’s cancer. I’m not sure if you read my main post or one of the supporting pages. In my main page I don’t recommend doing the peroxide while being traditionally treated and I don’t recommend the peroxide instead of traditional medicine. But if the timing is right for you there is another post on my blog named something like “The Dosing Plan I Followed…” That should tell you how I took it but I’m sure there are other ones available online too. Again this is merely the plan I followed and should not be perceived as a recommendation. Only you and your brother can decide what’s best for yourselves. Best wishes, hugs and prayers. Feel free you contact me if you have any questions and let me know how you are doing. Rosanne

  17. Richard says:

    There are a lot of testimonies on the website of people being totally healed whilst using 35% food grade h2o2. There is a lot of information on how to mix and utilise h2o2 using distilled water only. There are also youtube interviews with Dr Cal Streeter which may be of interest to you. God bless you.

  18. Richard says:

    A free e-book titled, “The truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide” by James Paul Roguski is maybe what would give you some clarity. Maybe you can download it and check out the information. I would again like to mention that the e-book is free.

  19. Vicente Bortoni says:

    What dosage did you start with and continue with ,thank you

    • Rosanne says:

      Vicente, please look for my page named something like the The Dose I Followed. You will links to all my posts listed on the right side of my main page. If you have any questions after reading it please feel free to contact me again. But I think you will find what you are looking for there.

  20. mark says:

    Want to check. The drops you are adding to your water….are they 35% drops concentrate or 3% drops that have been diluted from the 35% concentrate.


  21. Janusz Czura says:

    Hi Rosanne,

    I do not have a success story (yet). I am looking for an expert in using HP for healing Prostate Cancer.
    In 2008 I had a surgery and my prostate was removed. The psa factor was close to zero. In those eight years it increased to over 800. In last three years I tried B17 with bad side effect and no visible impact on psa, later (next year) I was using HP with strange results: threre were months when I had a psa decrease by 50 units, and the next month it increased by (for instance) 150, so in total there was no good results. So I stopped it. Now, I am trying to use Spooky2 Rife Machine. Although I see it works (for instance I used it for gingivitis and it was healed in days), I do not see good results for cancer. Recently my left lymph node in the groin got swollen and, at least for this I see Spooky2 is doing a good job decreasing it.
    I have (for my age of 66) a good level of energy. I am vegetarian for 40 years, I know principles of anti-cancer diet. I tried Buldwig Diet, but I stopped because of bad constipation which startedd when I started using her flax oil mixture.
    I’d like to get back to HP therapy (I was ising Protocol from, I was drinking it), but I need some advice not to get this increase of psa I destribed before. I was probably doing something wrong…

    Can you help?

    All the best,


    • Rosanne says:

      Hello Janusz. I don’t think anything you did in the way you took the hp would cause random falls and then rises in your psa. Since my only experience with the hp was for liver mets after colon cancer I cannot predict or know if it would be effective for you or your cancer. I do know of someone though that gave himself hp enemas (24 drops hp in 6 oz distilled water 2x week X 3 weeks, then reduced it to 16 drops after that twice per week). I don’t recommend taking it during medical treatment as he did, but there was a more dramatic drop in his psa when he started the hp. Still, we don’t know if it helped or if tradional medicine did the trick. I also read once about a man soaked in a hot tub regularly that they had used hp instead of bromide to sanitize the water that claimed to cure his prostate cancer. I don’t know the ratio of hp to water, but maybe that’s an option you can research. Both methods would get the hp closer to the site of the cancer. Also you may want to Google Dr. David Samadi from Cyprus. He is a prostate cancer expert that also supports complimentary medicine. Best wishes and please keep me posted on your progress.

      • Janusz Czura says:

        Hi Rosanne,

        Thank you for now and I will follow your suggestions. I will certainly let you know about the progress.
        All the best and thank you for work you are doing for all of us.


  22. Marcia Oats says:

    Hi Rosanne,

    My husband and Stage IV melanoma and has had radiation and Immune therapy and it has still
    spread into his brain, liver and lungs. He is now on a 2 oral medications ( Tafinlar and Mekinist). They are suppose to work directly on the melanoma mutation. Do you know if he could start taking the HP now or would it do more harm than help? We have had the book ( “The Cure”) for 2 years and have wanted to start but he was on the immune therapy and radiation.
    Thanks, Marcia

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Marcia, First of all I’m so sorry to hear your husband is going through so much. And as a caregiver I’m sure it is equally as distressing for you but in different ways. I cannot recommend your husband taking the peroxide while he is being treated traditionally. My fear would be that the peroxide, since it causes a chemical reaction would neutralize the positive effects of the chemotherapy agents he is taking. Is there a set time the medications he is on will be stopped? For instance my chemo was for 6 months (12 treatments). If so I would wait until he has completed his treatment course before starting the peroxide especially since I believe those medications are taken around the clock. Marcia, I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Please keep me posted. Best wishes, Rosanne

  23. Wow..very informative. Thank you. I started cancer treatment yesterday and is on xeloda 2500 mg daily and gemzar is given at the infusion center. The treatment is for 6 months; 3 weeks on and one week off treatment. I have been taking food grade peroxide for the past 2 months occasionally. I would like to take 3% peroxide on my week off (4th week of every month). Any ideas on this approach? Thank you.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Angela. As I’ve stated I do not recommend taking the food grade peroxide while being treated because of the possibility that it may render your chemo ineffective. You do propose a window of time when you aren’t taking the chemo, however I would think the chemo may still be working during those weeks. So I still cannot recommend it. I’m really only an ‘expert’ on what seemed to work for me. I wish I had more information for you. Best wishes on your chemo treatments. One thing for sure you can do is make diet changes. That should not interfere with chemo. That would be my recommendation. My suggestions would be possibly the macrobiotic or vegetarian diets, and try to eat organic foods and high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavers, colors, and preservatives. It sounds like a copout but there is a lot of evidence that people have cured themselves of cancer by changing what they consume. Plus you can continue with your traditional medical treatments while doing it. Then consider alternatives when done with traditional treatments. Best wishes, Rosanne

  24. lou says:

    Congratulations you look great!Yep its
    one hell of a long journey!Louis Pasteurs
    last words were apparently “Its not the
    pathhogens its the environment”. (i.e. state of body vs bugs. So oxygenate oxygenate oxygenate & alkalise cos bugs
    cant survive that. Soak-in Magnesium Cl2 also Besta luck 4 ur future!

  25. Shelley May says:

    im so thankful for your blog, please don’t stop sharing.

  26. jay Rodabaugh says:

    Hi Rosanne! My wife has stage 4 liver cancer as well as cancer of the spine. It metastasized from her breast cancer. They removed her breasts and declared her 100% cancer free. 8 months later it’s back. We have given up Meats, dairy, sugars and starchs. She drinks a couple of glasses of water with baking soda every day. She also drinks eternal alkaline water everyday. This is getting her PH up to alkaline levels. We just got 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Can we put the drop of PH in the alkaline water? Do you think she should still drink the alkaline water and water with baking soda?

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Jay. I’m so sorry to hear what you and your wife are going through. Unfortunately I cannot know how food grade peroxide would react with alkaline water. I just know that the reason it’s recommended that you use distilled water is to lessen the chances of the h2o2 reacting with something before it reaches the cancer cells. The process to making the water alkaline must alter it chemically. I would say that alkalinizing the water it would make it less stable. This instability likely would not be the best combination. Jay I’m sorry I cannot give you a better answer but my only expertise is in how I took it. I started in milk and soon switched to the distilled water. Best wishes to you and your wife. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  27. Howard says:

    Which brand of hydrogen peroxide did you use?

  28. Liz says:

    My sister’s cancer returned for the third time she’s 71 she’s not doing so good but my ex-husband told me about this . his doctor said the prostate numbers look bad So he began the therapy. When he retutned his #s were very well below normal. We give it our cat, she 16 years old. Treated disease nearly dead trees that the engineers said we’re for more of a potential Hazard and could fall over onto the house in the storm. Besides it’s dead so we would need to cut it down. My husband applied the treatment within a week the difference was remarkable . it’s thriving and is now over 30 feet tall. fruit trees that had been taken over by parasites and fungus produced a ton of fruit this year.
    I’m 55 and my dad’s family had brain cancer stomach cancer pancreatic cancer you name it so I have recently decided I’m going to take it as preventative. I’m very excited but as far preventative, her son’s a chemist, they’re from the South and very close minded, but this is the Touchstone sister and is this is her third time I just wish shed give it a try I ordered it can and had it send directly to her house. I love your blog I will also be forwarding this link to her as well you’re The Real McCoys and I appreciate you sharing your story about going through the same things. I only hope she’ll give it a chance thanks again

    • Rosanne says:

      Liz, I’ll be praying for your sister. All you can do is pass the word onto her. You can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. Even I resisted and only took it to be able to tell my dad I did never expecting it to be successful. Just hope and pray she’ll decide to try it and know you did your best by telling her, and even more ordering it for her. Hugs and prayers, Rosanne

  29. Rachel says:

    Dear Rosanne
    My sister, now 65, had half her left lung removed in 2015 because of lung cancer. She doesn’t tell me much but I worry all the time that it will spread and return. Could taking the 35% food grade peroxide help prevent or heal metastasis? I’d be incredibly grateful if you find a moment to get back to me.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Rachel. Is your sister currently being treated? Because it would not be my recommendation to take the alternative treatment while she is being treated traditionally. If she is not under any treatment, I would think now would be a good time to take the peroxide to help prevent metastasis. I did not have lung cancer so I cannot speak from experience of the effects for recurrence in the lungs, but if she happened to be at risk for liver metastasis it may be of benefit. I really can only speak to my experience though since beyond that I really have no expertise. Best wishes. I’ll be praying for you and your sister. Hugs and prayers, Rosanne

      • Rachel says:

        Dear Rosanne, bless you for your kind and helpful comments. To my knowledge my sister isn’t currently on any treatment, so I will bring the possibility of taking 35% food grade peroxide to her attention. Thanks again and my prayers for you too, Rachel

  30. Vicente says:

    Thank you in all that you do on informing
    us on alternative treatments Please let me know the dose for taking food grade hydrogen
    Peroxide as a preventative

  31. Joanne says:

    Hello Rosanne, my name is Joanne, in 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. After scans they found 6 tumours but when they removed my breast they found 9 tumours stage 1,2 & 3 and also 2 lymphnodes with cancer, so they doctors went back in and took 23 more nodes. Sinse then I have had the other breast removed and a reconstruction. I have been on Tamoxifen ever since. A few weeks ago my sister put me onto 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I started taking it 5 to 6 days ago, i ‘m up to 8 drops 3 times a day. Although doing more research on tamoxifen there are a lot of dangerous sides with taking this drug. Should I stop taking the Tamoxifen while I am taking the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide or when I come back down to the lower every day maitenance dose or just keep taking it?

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Joanne,
      If you look through my posts you will see that I have NEVER supported taking the H2O2 while being treated with traditional cancer treatments in case the alternative treatment would somehow interact with or render the traditional treatment ineffective. Also I have NEVER encouraged anyone to do H2O2 instead of the traditional treatments. The only time to consider this alternative is if you’ve been told there is nothing more traditional medicine can do for you or if you are in a waiting period, as I was, to see more new lesions developed before deciding on the treatment route.
      Hugs and prayers,

  32. lotusten says:

    I have purchased some 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. The full 8.5 oz bottle comes with a complimentary dropper bottle filled with 35% hydrogen peroxide.

    I am a little confused with instructions from various sites as to whether we are meant to dilute the 35% H2O2 before consumption (at 1 part to 11 parts water) or just use the full strength 35% H2O2. In your case, it reads like you used the full strength at 35% H2O2 to water. Could you please confirm? Should I dilute to 3% before consumption by dropper into a glass of distilled water? Or should I use the full 35% strength and add the drops to the glass of water?

    I have also read that this treatment may not work for fast acting cancers which is what I have. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Thanks very much for your comments ahead.

    • Rosanne says:

      Lotusten, Please, please, please!!!! NEVER use the 35% food grade peroxide without diluting it in at lease 8 ounces (240 ml) distilled water. In case you missed it, please read my post named “The Dosing Plan of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide I Followed”. It should answer most if not all of your questions! Let mew know if it doesn’t. Best Wishes! Rosanne

      • lotusten says:

        Hello Rosanne,

        Thank you very much for your speedy reply, … LOL!! Yes, I understand you are saying to use the dropper with 35% H2O2 into a glass of distilled water according to the recommended dosage plans, .. ( and not use dropper with 3% strength.). :D:D

        By the way, .. I was on a decoction of herbs for 2 months and the latest scans showed improvement in size of cysts and accross womb but the polypoid mass was increased.
        I do not know if I have done the right thing or not, but I put off surgery to try out a new protocol I hope will increase efficacy to bomb the “buggers”…

        For readers who may be interested, I made a bitter tea with Olive Leaf, Pine bark, Dandelion, Tumeric and Ginger and I was taking 18 capsules of Graviola leaf per day and also drank wormwood tea and saw the above mentioned improvements. Obviously not enough to see real cure but now I will do a more rigid regulation which will include H2O2, something called Phenomenal Water, Essiac Tea, Cholorophyll, oxygen drops and a host of other things as part of the 24/7 protocols to make my internal environment more alkaline and oxygen enriched, and with appropriate nutrition and body flora to boost immunity and make war with the “buggers”. I will try to keep up for 3 months and schedule another scan.

        I am reading that some people say these alternative treatments only work for slow moving cancers and do not work for fast moving cancers. Others are of the opinion that there can be no disease within alkaline oxygen enriched environments. So I am wondering if it is better to do the surgery and then do the treatments as immune therapy. Any thoughts on this?


  33. very inspirational Article, Thanks for sharing your experience. Good job. Keep it up.

  34. Dorothy J says:

    Rosanna how long can you stay on the full dose of hydrogen peroxide, my friend has been on the full dose for 3 weeks know she is wondering how long it is safe to stay on the full dose? thanks
    best regards Dorothy

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Dorothy. I don’t know how long is considered safe. I was in the full dose 5 weeks before I realized the regimen I was following said 3 weeks. I can’t make any recommendations. Since there have been no clinical trials to test for safety and effectiveness we are on our own. I would think staying on too long could have detrimental effects on the stomach lining. So she should be cautious if she decides to go over the three weeks.
      Hope this helps,

  35. Dorothy J says:

    Hi Rosanne. My sister was wondering if you went of sugar when you were on the peroxide treatments and if you followed a special diet.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Dorothy, I tried to limit my sugar but didn’t quit desserts altogether. I also gradually decreased the amount of meat I was eating and am now a vegetarian. In general I started watching closer what I ate. For example I avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague. These changes are covered in a couple other of my posts you’ll find on my blog. I didn’t make these changes suddenly, just gradually phased them in. The liver lesson was no longer seen on my MRI before I became a vegetarian. I do however feel diet is very very important! You’ll also see a post that refers to Janet Vitt’s video regarding how a macrobiotic diet dramatically reversed her cancer. Be sure to check that out, too!
      Best wishes to you and your sister. Please keep me posted on her progress.

  36. Dorothy J says:

    Rosanna thanks for the reply, just another question did you drink coffee and how long were you on the peroxide before your test were clear? Sis is doing some test in June and we are waiting and praying that whatever Gods will is that we will accept it.
    May God bless you

  37. Dorothy J says:

    Hi Rosanna
    You said something about cutting back on vitamins, were you taking any vitamin supplement when you were on the peroxide therapy? Are you on any vitamin or mineral supplements now and how much peroxide are you taking now as a prevention program? How about any alcohol, did you drink at the time or do you drink any know, like 2 or 3 drinks per week? Sorry for the many questions but thank you for sharing.

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