Optimizing the Effectiveness of Peroxide

     When I started taking the peroxide, I wanted to do everything I could to help it work. I used a combination of logic and research on the internet try to optimize the effectiveness of the peroxide because I knew it had its work cut out for it. I am providing this list of things I did that may (or may not) have improved the performance of the peroxide. Again, this is not your drug store variety peroxide which contains preservatives, but 35% food grade peroxide. I cannot emphasize that enough.

  • One thing we already covered was that I’ve read flaxseed oil helps the free oxygen radical get into the cell. I had started taking flaxseed oil during the second half of my chemotherapy to help my nails and I continue taking it today. Fortunately the chemo ended just before  the nails were completely gone. What was left had been reduced to tissue-paper thin remnants of what was once there. So I don’t know how much good the flaxseed oil really did for my nails while I was on the chemo but I was afraid of what would have happened had I quit taking it. I continued the flaxseed oil capsules after the chemo to give my nails their best shot of coming in strong. So it was really just a fortunate coincidence I was taking the flaxseed oil capsules while I was on the peroxide. 
  • I tried to space my peroxide doses out through the day as evenly as possible. When I was still taking the peroxide three times a day, I would take a dose first thing in the morning, when I got home from work and before I went to bed.
  • I always took the peroxide on an empty stomach. What I read said to wait three hours after the last meal, take the peroxide, then wait an hour before eating. If your stomach is empty there is less for the peroxide to interact with before it’s absorbed. My thoughts are that you need the hydrogen peroxide to spend its extra oxygen molecule after being absorbed, not while in your stomach. If it’s released while in the stomach before being absorbed it will remain as a gas in your gut. If it is released after being absorbed into your blood then it will be able to get to the cancer cells. I always awaken before my alarm, so I would get up, take the peroxide, then lie back down until my alarm went off. For my second dose of the day, when I got home from work, I would take the peroxide, lie down for 15 minutes, prepare dinner, and wait the hour before eating. Other sites recommend not taking peroxide before you go to bed because it might keep you awake, but it never had that effect on me. So my third dose was at bedtime.
  • Immediately after taking the peroxide I would do one of two things depending on the time of day and day of the week. Most of the time I would lie down for 15 minutes on my right side. I couldn’t find anything to back this up, but I wanted the help the peroxide get to my small intestines since that’s where fats are digested, absorbed and then metabolized by the liver.  Or… 
  • On the weekends, instead of lying down sometimes I would get on the treadmill. It seems quite the opposite technique, but my rational was that I wanted to get the blood pumping to make sure that free oxygen radical would get everywhere it was needed.
  • I’ve read that to help disguise the taste of the peroxide you can take it with milk or fruit juice. The milk has the added benefit that it can help prevent the upset tummy for those that find they have a hard time tolerating the peroxide diluted in just the distilled water. I admit I did dilute it in milk for a short time, however, I was afraid that it would reduce the effectiveness, so I went back to just diluting it in distilled water. However if the choice is to dilute it in milk or not take the peroxide at all because of the taste, by all means, dilute it in milk. But come on, really? This is your life we are taking about and that taste only lingers 5 seconds!
  • If my stomach got upset when I diluted the peroxide in distilled water, I increased the amount of water I diluted it in. Normally I would count out my drops into a clean glass, and then add the 8 oz distilled water so that it would not require any mixing. I had read that it doesn’t matter how much water is used over the 8 oz. What matters is the amount of peroxide you take in a day.
  • Since peroxide reportedly works by being an oxidant, I avoided high doses of antioxidants, but did not avoid antioxidants altogether. 
  • Updated 6/29/11: In hind site, now that the liver lesion is gone, I looked at back for other things that I may have changed that enhanced the effectiveness of the peroxide. That’s when I realized my diet has changed in the last year (thanks to my daughter’s  example) so that I rarely eat red meat or any meat for that matter. I’ve read that cancer cells have a protein coating that needs to be broken down so the free oxygen radical can penetrate and kill the cell. If my pancreas has a limit on the  volume of enzymes it produces, by reducing the demand I may have increased the supply of enzymes available to attack that protein coat on the cancer cells. In other words, if your pancreas can only spit out so much enzyme, don’t use it all up trying to digest a high protein diet. Leave some available to break down that protein coat on the cancer cells.

      So these are some techniques I used to get the most bang for my buck from the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Again I implore you to do your homework, search the internet. I am merely telling you what I did that may have helped me. It might seem like I had quite the regimen, but it really was quite an easy schedule to get into. My lifestyle and schedule might be much different from yours. I’m sure you’ll be able to work out a rhythm that you can live with!

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3 Responses to Optimizing the Effectiveness of Peroxide

  1. Phyllis says:

    Fantistic story

  2. So how are you doing? How is your recovery coming along?

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Bill, All is going well. I’m still taking the peroxide but only 1-2 times a week. I no longer have any MRIs done to monitor my liver, so I’m afraid to stop taking the peroxide altogether.
      I hope all is well with you too!

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