Brave? I Don’t Think So!

     After a friend had read some details about hydrogen peroxide, she told me I was braver than she was for taking it. It caught me off guard. Brave? I don’t think so! I was scared to death, but not of the peroxide! I was scared of what was happening to me, and with my cancer apparently progressing, what was going to happen. On the contrary, fear was what motivated me to take it!

     So what is the opposite of being brave? By definition that would be being  cowardly. To me I picture a coward as someone running from adversity. If running away would put more distance between my cancer and myself, I would gladly do it! Unfortunately, that’s not an option. I would do just about anything to avoid more  surgery and more chemotherapy. Therefore the peroxide therapy was an easy choice. And whether that makes me brave or a coward… I can live with that!

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