Meet Ted

     I’ve been waiting patiently (well sort of)   for someone to stumble upon my blog whom also has had a positive outcome from an alternative cancer treatment and willing to share their story. While my site has seen a fair amount of traffic, it seems that the visitors are looking for answers either for themselves or a loved one rather than providing them. This is the main purpose of my blog, to provide options, so I’m so happy for every single one of you! After all each visit could potentially represent another life saved!

     However, a secondary purpose for my blog is to provide that repository of alternative cancer treatment success stories whether they be other hydrogen peroxide or other alternative treatments. I have friends that are taking peroxide based my positive experience and are either in the early stages of their treatment and/or have no objective results for comparison to share. So far its only the subjective improvement of their symptoms and one has even outlived their life expectancy by 80% and counting. Hopefully in the future they will be willing to share their success stories as they receive more definitive information. 

    I have come to this conclusion… Others that have had positive experiences with alternative treatments are no longer looking therefore are not likely to visit my site. In order to provide the repository of successful alternative cancer stories I have promised my audience, I realize I must go out and find them myself. However, finding alternative cancer testimonials is not an easy thing to do. Often I find it’s a site out to make a profit rather than purely a testimonial. And I feel like a story is more credible if the author has nothing to gain by telling it.

     This week I was casually searching the internet  on the phrase “First do no harm” as it relates to cancer treatments. As a sidebar, I found that this phrase was never in the Hippocratic Oath as most people believe. provides information regarding the origination of this phrase here.

      While researching this phrase I stumbled upon Ted Howard’s site. I found Ted’s story using the RAVE diet and Vitamin C for his metastatic melanoma to be fascinating, so I decided to e-mail him. I wanted to offer him the peroxide alternative treatment in case he would ever need it and, since he has a background in biochemistry,  hopefully get his perspective on it. During our brief correspondence I learned that he had tried hydrogen peroxide when he was searching for alternative treatments.  It was reassuring to me that a biochemist could see the potential in hydrogen peroxide. He was not able to continue taking it as he found it too harsh on his throat. Nevertheless, it seems that he has found an equally effective treatment plan. Ted has graciously allowed me to provide a link to his site so you can read his story as only he can tell it.   


     Thank you, Ted. Best wishes for your continued success. And as they say in New Zealand… Arohanui

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