Why Didn’t I Pay More Attention in Chemistry?

     A week or so ago my brother-in-law sent me a YouTube video link that I haven’t quite been able to get out of my mind. Initially I didn’t post it as a link because its relevency to this blog was not immediately obvious to me. Both the Trophoblast Theory and Laetrile in the video are controversial, so do your research, but I feel like I’m alive today because of another controversial treatment, peroxide therapy.

     I had to watch the video a couple of times for some of the points to sink in. One thing I want to bring to your attention is where it discusses the protein coating of the cancer cells having a negative charge which causes the white blood cells to be repelled, rendering them useless against cancer cells. While the video does not discuss the effect of  the free oxygen radical from hydrogen peroxide therapy on cancer cells, this negative charge may explain how the H2O2 can have an effect on cancer cells.  I wish I would have listened more in chemistry class way back when, but I do remember some basic chemistry like when a negatively charged molecule is missing an atom it attracts free radicals to make it stable. So if we adapt that to the negative charge of the protein covering on the cancer cell leaving it less stable and looking for that free oxygen radical we can see the potential benefit of the peroxide. Once the free oxygen radical from the peroxide binds with the protein coating on the cancer cell it is no longer negatively charged and may no longer repell the white blood cells. Just a thought…

     Here’s the video with its multiple theories. I’ll let you decide for yourself what you believe or what you’d like to research further.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfJSpqJhCOA&feature=related. And I welcome input from any of you biochemists out there with either supporting or contradicting data!

     In an attempt to check the authenticity of some of the claims, I did a little checking about the video’s claim that diabetics are more prone to cancer because a pancreas that is not functioning well causing the insulin defiency in diabetics may also not secrete the normal amount of trypsin to attack trophoblast cancer cells. While traditional medicine has observed the increased incidence of cancer in diabetics, they have not offered an explanation why. Here are a couple links that I found on this topic discussing the statistics.




I’ve received a few questions regarding what the video is trying to say. Here is my take on it:

  • The secret to curing or treating cancer can be found if we analyze what causes cancer.
  • Cancer seems to be caused during a breakdown in the normal healing process. In normal healing the body sends out trophoblast cells to repair injury to the body due to trauma, stress, exposure to chemicals, etc.
  • These trophoblasts are similar or the same as pre-embryonic cells both of which are kept in check by the pancreatic enzyme, trypsin. Trypsin works by destroying the protein coat to the cell allowing white blood cells to attack.
  • If the body does not create enough trypsin there is an overgrowth of these cells, similar to the cells of the surrounding tissue, which results in cancer.
  • A second line of defense is our white blood cells. In the scenario above, the white blood cells don’t recognize these trophoblast cells as a foreign object because they are part of the normal healing process. The normal trophoblast cells (and out of control cancer cells) have a protein coat that have a negative charge. The white blood cells also have a negative charge. This causes the white blood cells to bounce off the trophoblasts rather than attack them.

     So far, I see possibly two ways to combat cancer.

  1. Increase the amount of trypsin in the body if a known deficiency exists. Another option would be to decrease the amount of protein eaten, leaving more of the trypsin available to help penetrate the protein coating of the cancer cells. This may help explain why the cancer rates are lower in cultures that eat less meat.
  2. Change the charge on the protein coat of the cancer cells so white blood cells can attack them.

     The remaining section of the video discusses how laetrile works. Please check back later for updates. I want to do more research before I try to explain my take on how laetrile works.

     In my research I’ve discovered that the YouTube video I’ve linked to is only a small part of an interesting hour long series of videos discussing cancer and research on laetrile. I found it very informative but pushing the conspiracy theory of orthodox vs alternative medicine a little further than I am comfortable with since my position is to advocate complimentary therapy. As I’ve said on my home page, I could never forgive myself if someone avoided traditional medicine, took an alternative cancer treatment that comes with no guarantee, and therefore lost valuable time being treated traditionally. If you search for “World Without Cancer video” you should be able to find it. If you can’t find it and still want more information, please e-mail me and I will provide the password to my protected post called “The Rest of the Story”.

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