Tricia’s Amazing Journey

     As I’ve said in my “About” I feel like one of my main purposes is to get my story out to anyone that might benefit. In my spare time I search other blogs for people with cancer and offer the link to my blog. From there its up to them whether they feel the treatment that saved me might also help them. One of the people I offered my story to was Jared on May 29th, 2011. Because Tricia commented after mine I received her comment to Jared via email. I’ve read her story and its a very inspirational. She shares my goal of trying to get the word out and has told me “I know that part of my journey now is to spread the word, so I am very happy for you to assist in that goal!” by allowing me to link to her story from my blog.

This is her comment to Jared which includes the links to her site. What an amazing and inspirational journey!

Hi Jared,
My name is Tricia Spence. I live in Gisborne. I just watched the 20/20 show on your journey. I immediately wanted to write you to inform you that I had stage IV breast cancer and went to China to be treated by an oncologist by the name of Dr. Wang. They are doing advanced, targeted, low toxic, minimally invasive treatment. I had a CR (complete response) from this treatment clearing 5cm tumour in my breast, cancer in my lymph nodes (under my arms, down my side, and in my groin), and 2 bone metastasis in L1 and L4 vertebrae. I put an article in the Gisborne Herald upon my return from China and as a result of sharing my story, 3 more New Zealanders have made their way to receive treatment from Dr. Wang and his amazing team of doctors. One of those three just returned and has been cleared of her stage IV lung cancer, a truly amazing story given her condition when she arrived in China. I know that given your background in conventional medicine it might be stretch for you to entertain this option, but I would not be doing myself and my journey justice if I did not share with you what I know. Please go to my website where you can read about my journey, but most importantly where you can access the ‘China Cancer Treatment’ section which provides information on the treatment, and the contact person to send your medical history to in order to get their opinion on your diagnosis. You journey does not have to end soon my friend. Please feel free to contact me on if you have more questions. I hope you can open your mind to this possibility, I feel it is the best option going for treating cancer in a far less debilitating way than conventional medicine. I encourage you to at least investigate this option, it could save your life!
With the best of intentions for your vibrant health,Tricia.

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