Its GONE! My Nightmare is OVER!

     I once heard that the average dream only lasts 9 seconds. Isn’t it ironic that nightmares last so long. My nightmare started September 29th 2008 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer and it lasted until June 22nd 2011 when every shred was gone.

     Even though I’m saying my nightmare is over, I guess ‘once a cancer patient always a cancer patient’. From the time you hear ‘I’ve got some bad news for you’ your entire world is shaken off its axis. That innocence, that feeling of invincibility is gone. It leaves an insecure, defenseless, powerless feeling for your future. Every time you envision yourself or look in the mirror you see a body being overtaken by that monster living inside of you. Your body image is destroyed. You know your life will never be the same. You will never see yourself the same again. But I am here to tell you it does not have to be that way!

     Monday, June 20, 2011, I was scheduled for another MRI of the abdomen and a chest x-ray. It had been 9 months since my last scan. When the enhancing lesion in my liver stabilized at 5mm in diameter in September 2010 I decided to reduce my peroxide dose frequency even further to just twice a week because I assumed that what was still visible on MRI was just the leftover vasculature and any cancer cells were gone. So as the days approached for my most recent scan I started second guessing my decision. And on top of that my CEAs in March and June were both 1.6 which was my highest ever although still considered normal. Did I do the right thing by reducing the peroxide to twice a week? It is so difficult treating yourself! Nine months is a long time to take a chance with something as dangerous of a metastatic lesion in your liver. However I stuck with that dose to practice as closely as possible some sort of scientific method. But was I doing the right thing?

     Thank God I had my great long-time (I don’t want to say old) friend visiting from California the week preceding the tests to keep my mind off the upcoming events. I knew either way, whether the lesion was the same size or had it gotten bigger, the results could dramatically affect my life.

At the ballgame with Lindsey (photographer), Ray and my dad, the man that saved my life!

     In early 2010 when I started seeing positive results from the peroxide on the previous MRIs I was ecstatic. A flicker of that invincibility was back. I was certain that the peroxide therapy was working. However since it was 9 months from the last scan I was very nervous about these results, it seemed that there was possibly too much time for the tumor to start growing at the low dose of peroxide. So the day I retrieved the verdict I was a bundle of nerves, sweaty palms, weak in the knees, the whole deal. I didn’t know if I even wanted to know the results! But the not knowing was horrible too. As I finally got up the nerve and read the results I couldn’t believe my eyes! Comparing with 9/2010 and 10/2009 scans it read, “The small enhancing lesion seen previously… is no longer evident on today’s scan.” And both the chest x-ray and the MRI showed no active disease. It was GONE! This wasn’t even in my thoughts as being a possibility being on the lower dose of peroxide! In my mind the best case scenario was that it would be the same size. My nightmare is OVER! Thank you, God!

     And when you really think about it, I’m even better off than if the lesion never showed up. I know that sounds strange to say, but if I had just completed my chemotherapy and was being monitored for mets, I would never be sure it was gone. The shadow would be forever lurking over me. When would something show up? Will it ever be gone for good? But having the lesion and finding a treatment and successfully overcoming it to the point it is GONE restores my confidence that I can beat it and have beat it and any other cancer cells that may be lurking.

     It’s so hard to believe the nightmare is over. Even now, I’m pinching myself in case its a dream. But it’s not! I’m awake! I have my life back. Plus I have all the scans on CD and lab results to prove the nightmare did exist and now the reality, that its GONE!

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17 Responses to Its GONE! My Nightmare is OVER!

  1. Elvira Jacala says:

    Hi Rosanne, Thank God that you finally beat this dreadful disease!. I had been following your blog that I came about knowing thru my husbands blog “make me a miracle”. First of all, thank you for sharing your journey as it is such a big help and encouragement to many who is going through the same fight against cancer. I .too, have stage 3 colon cancer and had surgery done to removed the tumor. I opted out from chemotherapy and I am doing alternative treatment with IV Hi dose Vit. C and supplementations. As much as my 2 follow-up Ct Scans were negative for mets. I can truly relate with you about feeling anxious and always wondering if the cancer will start up again in another place. I pray a lot and will always be vigilant. Many things that happens to us are beyond our control but at the same token we will never give up and will try to fight back as much as we can. Again , God Bless you and continue to share and inform.
    Elvira (makemeamiracle)

    • Rosanne says:

      Elvira, Thank you for your words of celebration, encouragement and appreciation. Hopefully alternatives will become more acceptable and believable when more people are willing to stand up and make an effort to get the word out. I know there are a lot of sites that advocate alternative treatments for cancer, however, we’ve all been told you can find anything on the internet and you can’t believe everything you read. I’m just trying to put a face on it, so people can see that real people are getting positive results with alternatives. I’m so happy for you that your scans have been negative (which we know is a positive thing). Keep up the good work. And please keep me posted on your progress. I also check your husband’s site frequently, but feel free to email me too. I’d like to stay in touch with you. Hugs and prayers, Rosanne

  2. Doris Hecock says:

    Rosanne – What great news, I am so happy for you !!

    Love, Aunt Doris

    • Rosanne says:

      Thank you, Aunt Doris. I still can hardly believe it. And this means I will likely have my port removed soon. I was holding out, just in case I might need it, like a safety net of some sort. But I don’t think I’ll miss it now! Love, Rosanne

  3. Karen Deich says:

    Hi Rosanne, GREAT NEWS! I always knew you would beat this! Wishing you only sweet dreams, and no more nightmares!!!! Love, Karen & Paul

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Karen and Paul, Gives a whole new meaning to ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’, doesn’t it? A friend asked me if I was still celebrating and I said I’m going to celebrate the rest of my life! BTW, the port has been scheduled to be removed next month. That’s really ‘the last shred’. Love, Rosanne

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  5. Phil Kempthorne says:

    Rosanne-From an old friend, I am sooooooo glad you met this problem with the strength and resolve you did.  Congratulations and continued great health!Phil KempthorneHouston, TX

    • Rosanne says:

      Thank you so much, Phil. Its hard to believe I’m home free! I still plan on taking the peroxide at the same dose I’ve been down to for the last 9 months because I don’t ever want to go back to the life I was living the last 2 3/4 years!

  6. Wilma Nevans says:

    I met your Father and he told me your story. I am so happy for you.A lot of my family and friend have had cancer and I have tried to practice prevention. I happened to find out about a waterr ionoizer and I bought one. It is the only one that has been certified by the Water Quality Assoc. and has been a medical device in Japan for many years. They are only sold by someone that owns one because we give people drinking water for 21 days so they can see the benefits for themselves.I have a place in Avon nd would be happy to share the water with you.

  7. Charanjit singh says:

    hi rosana
    how are you doing now afte four years?
    hope fully cancer did not come back
    is it?

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Charanjit, No my cancer has not come back. It could be because I still do a maintenance dose of the peroxide and watch my diet. I’m afraid to change what I’m doing since it is working so well. I do have an MRI coming up next week to confirm that though. Best wishes, Rosanne

  8. Laurie says:

    So happy for you that your cancer is cured. My brother was diagnosed with stage III Colon cancer six months ago. He had a hemi colectomy. Four lymph nodes were involved. He is completing his chemo this month.I can relate to the frustration with the alternative medicine. There were several things we considered but the oncologists were not on board. I am hoping when he finishes his chemo this month he can begin some alternative treatment and I am certainly going to look into The peroxide as well as other treatments. Your story was very inspirational and hopeful! Thanks for sharing is that the only alternate therapy you use? Or are you familiar with any others?

  9. Jordan says:

    What did you take? How much did you take? How long did you take it? I mean you only mentioned “peroxide” once, and not how you took it and for how long. C’mon you are leaving this very ambiguous for us. I have a friend with cancer, and i want to turn him onto this therapy. It obviously worked for you, but how???

    • Rosanne says:

      Jordan if you go to my main blog page and read my main story and then view all the followup posts listed in the right hand side of the page I think your questions will be answered. Please go to and really look over all the posts. Let me know if you still have questions. I don’t think my solution works for all cancers. Sorry to hear about your friend. Rosanne

  10. Doug Wright says:

    Thank you Roseann, my name is Doug I emailed you last summer of 2016. My wife had stage 3 rectum cancer. Tumor was to bid to get a scope through. Being uneducated in cancer we did everything the doctors told us. So after running into your article, I felt relieved since radiation and chemo wasn’t doing the job. I ordered the hydrogen and my wife and I started taking it together! 100 percent success. My wife of 22 years is at home cancer free!!! Thank you. Doudy

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