The Macrobiotic Approach – Janet Vitt

Last month my port was finally removed. This was my last shred, the last piece of evidence available to the naked eye of what I’ve endured with my battle with progressing stage III colon cancer. On all my paperwork my diagnosis is still listed as ‘adenocarcinoma of the colon stage III’ because there was last stage that was confirmed by biopsy. So how DO you stage cancer when an enhancing lesion on MRI shows up in your liver after treatment for adenocarcinoma of the colon but shrinks and eventually disappears gradually over a year and a half while being treated with an alternative cancer treatment? Who knows? I just know that when I say stage III colon cancer that I’m understating my illness and what I’ve been through. But I digress; the particulars on my diagnosis are not the point of this post.

While I was visiting the surgeon that was to remove my port, I shared my story with him. He smiled and said, “Well you’re the second nurse I know of now that has successfully treated herself with an alternative cancer treatment”. I’m sure my eyes lit up. Was there actually someone else out there that could possibly understand the feeling of cheating death by using a non traditional treatment? I asked, “Really? Who is it… if you can tell me with HIPAA and all.” He explained that her name is Janet Vitt and he could tell me because she has a website telling her story. So like me, it’s available to the public. We want our stories to get out from under the HIPAA umbrella!

Essentially macrobiotics consists of diet and counseling. Briefly Janet went from having only three weeks to live to being cancer free with the help of a macrobiotic counselor.  Her treatment has withstood the test of time since her story began in 1995 and she’s still going strong today. Her story is quite awesome. Here’s Janet’s YouTube video:

This link includes both an explanation of the Macrobiotic Approach and Janet’s story:

It also provides links to other sites if you are interested in learning more about Macrobiotics. And googling either ‘Janet Vitt’ or ‘macrobiotic’ yields unlimited results. Never underestimate the power of diet!

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2 Responses to The Macrobiotic Approach – Janet Vitt

  1. mary morris says:

    this treatment cured clif’s dad;s cancer after he was told he would die within a month. he was cured within weeks. I would also check with oxygen therapy and would talk with a homeopathic doctor about these alternative successful treatments being used by those that know other treatments are not cures. Our gov. does not want us to know about these treatments and only push for those that make trillions of dollars. Typical Cancer doctors are not aware or trained other than in western medicine. Anyway, maybe P Shar can guide Mom if she chooses to go this route. i will not offer any other advice unless you ask me. I could not live with myself if I did not at least let you know others’ success stories in beating 3rd and 4th stage cancers using homeopathic medicine and at fraction of the cost of typical treatments. Love you and will talk soon. Mary

    • Rosanne says:

      Thank you for responding, Mary. My goal was to hopefully be a place where others could tell their stories of cures using alternative treatments. I wish you and your family continued good health.

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