Alternative Therapy Benefits for Cancer Patients – Guest Post

     Couple weeks ago Jackie Clark, the alternative therapy advocate for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, contacted me to share an infographic she created illustrating how alternative options can help individuals diagnosed with cancer. As we know many people are turning to various forms of alternative therapies to help aid them with pain, and other side effects associated with conventional cancer treatments. Unfortunately I was unable to display her awesome infographic, but can provide a link to it here. Jackie has also graciously agreed to be a guest author on my site discussing alternative therapies.

     Unlike the hydrogen peroxide therapy that successfully treated my metatastic liver lesion, Jackie’s alternative therapies do not treat the cancer itself, but instead the symptoms associated with cancer and side effects related to its treatment. However, they still can be infinitely valuable to anyone diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Alternative Therapy Benefits for Cancer Patients

By: Jackie Clark

Cancer is an emotionally powered word for many people: it is a word filled with dread, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown. Modern medical science has made significant advances in chemotherapy and other forms of cancer treatment; however, many forms of cancer can resist the efforts of modern medicine and technology. A Mesothelioma Prognosis may mean years of chemotherapy and painful therapy, sometimes without positive results. A diagnosis of prostate cancer usually leaves a patient with less than a year to live. Luckily, there are many alternative treatments that can be beneficial to a variety of patients.

There are many alternative therapy programs for patients fighting cancer. While these programs can’t be used to replace a medically supervised cancer treatment program, they can offer significant immune benefits, pain relief, and a reduction in nausea.

Acupuncture is a commonly used therapy for cancer patients, with a wide variety of benefits. Acupuncture involves placing conductive needles in specific locations of the body, usually junctions of the nervous system. Acupuncturists use low voltage electrical current to stimulate these areas, often providing a variety of health benefits to patients. Acupuncture has not been proved to directly treat cancer, but it does provide relief from many of the symptoms of chemotherapy.

Traditional chemotherapy tries to kill rapidly reproducing cells by poisoning them. Many chemotherapy agents and treatments are toxic to the entire body, but are more toxic to actively reproducing cancer cells. Some of the most common side effects of chemotherapy include hair loss, a loss of energy, nausea, and pain.

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in relieving pain from both cancer and chemotherapy. By stimulating central nerves in the body, acupuncture is able to lower the persistent pain a cancer patient endures. Acupuncture has also been shown to increase appetite, and reduce nausea. Mesothelioma patients respond positively to acupuncture, as an adjunct to traditional treatment.

Another popular therapy for is Yoga. Yoga involves special breathing techniques, holding flexed body positions, and practicing deep relaxation. Many cancer patients experience a loss of energy and depression while undergoing treatment, and can become despondent over time. Yoga has been used for centuries to help relieve depression, improve appetite, and improve posture and muscle tone. Many cancer patients experience bone density reduction and lean muscle loss as chemotherapy treatment progresses. Yoga can help rebuild this lost lean muscle in a supportive and nurturing environment.

While yoga and acupuncture can be very effective in addition to traditional cancer treatment, they should not be used on their own as a treatment for cancer. No advice given here should be treated as medical advice. Always consult your doctor for the best treatment options.

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