Important Update!

I still am of the opinion that the hydrogen peroxide saved my life. However now know it does work for all cancers. I was recently (last week) diagnosed with basal carcinoma of the skin while still on the peroxide. As you might know, if anyone is to get cancer, basal cell of the skin is the easiest to treat and is easily curable by excising the lesion so I don’t feel my life is in jeopardy.

So the question is why was it effective for my metastatic liver lesion but didn’t prevent the basal cell? My thoughts are this. When I take it on an empty stomach, the first place it will be absorbed will be in the walls of the stomach and small intestine. As soon as it gets absorbed it will pass through the liver. However for my skin, it would need to pass through the liver and into my general venous circulation, pass through my lungs typically to be oxygenated, then to the left side of my heart before being pumped out in arterial blood to get to my skin. Peroxide is so reactive, it’s free oxygen radical would have been spent well before it got to my skin. See this diagram to see how the liver would receive the peroxide first.


Therefore, in my opinion, the cancer for which peroxide taken orally in distilled water would be most likely effective for would be cancers of the liver.

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16 Responses to Important Update!

  1. Sandi says:

    Hi Rosanne- It does, or does not, work for all cancers? I told my friends Tom (melanoma on foot) and Barbara (breast cancer) about it..,

    Sandi Valois


    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Sandi, Until clinical trials are performed there would be no way to know for which cancers hydrogen peroxide would be effective. I can only offer my experiences anecdotally. I’ve always stated this is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment but something to try if you are not currently being treated traditionally and that there are no guarantees that what apparently worked for me will work for you or your type of cancer. Hopefully they read my blog themselves so they understood this all along. For me peroxide apparently worked for the liver mets but did not prevent basal cell. It would take trials on other cancers to know if it would work for them.

    • Pat Sammons says:

      Do you use distilled water in the plastic jug from the grocery?
      I have many questions.
      I have used for about a year. — 1 15 oz. glass of water per day – from 45 drops in gallon / water.
      have more thyroid growths now. very disappointed.

      Cannot take it more than once a day – unable to sleep.

      Please help. Do I need to buy a distiller? Pat Sammons

      • Rosanne says:

        Hi Pat, I use the distilled water purchased in a plastic jug in the grocery store. I drop the peroxide into a glass the pour the distilled water in the glass. I do not mix peroxide in anything plastic.

  2. Wilma Nevans says:

    I have done a lot of research on natural ways to cure cancer. What works for one kind may not work for another but I do believe cancer lives in a acidic body and the body has to be alkaline to cure the cancer. I have a Kangen water machine that sets the PH in the water and I can’t say drinking High PH water cures the cancer but I know a lot of cases where it has worked. I have a store where I give free water for people to try not only for cancer but other health problems.I don’t keep regular hours but call for appointment for free water. I am located at 1720A Cooper Foster Rd. My number is 440-213-2338.

  3. Dave Haack says:


    For any skin cancer, I would think the H2O2 bath ( or soak ) ,might be a good choice. Contrary to what many believe, the skin does breath; and adding a tincture of hydrogen peroxide can have pallative results — or so it is claimed.

    Dave Haack

    • Rosanne says:

      Jordan, if you go to my main blog page and read my main story and then view all the followup posts listed in the right hand side of the page I think your questions will be answered. Please go to and really look over all the posts. Let me know if you still have questions. I don’t think my solution works for all cancers. Sorry to hear about your friend. Rosanne

    • Rosanne says:

      Dave, before I knew what I had was basal cell, I did try the peroxide to the area once or twice. It did seem to heal up afterwards for a short time but then started oozing again. I probably didn’t use it often enough, but it did help for a bit.

      • Dave Haack says:


        This update appears to be a final chapter in your own personal experience in dealing with the big ‘C-word’. I am so happy for you, and wish more people could share the same type of experience. Had your situation been slightly different, you may have well ended up with ‘survivors guilt’ instead. I may be even more convinced than you are that H2O2 therapy is what allowed your body to heal.

        I think that if those readers out there could come to understand that hydrogen peroxide uptake is a natural part of the body function, there might be a little less trepidation about trying it. A similar example of something our body naturally produces is CoQ10. It is essential for a number of the intricate processes that involve heart function. If we become short of this vital enzyme, due to medications etc., we may need to supplement what the body can’t produce fast enough on its own.

        The same is true for hydrogen peroxide uptake in our bodies. We produce some of it to help out in the some of the many oxidation processes that are not met by respiration, digestion, etc. When we run short, the environment is ripe for anerobic invaders that cause illness and ‘dis-ease’. Hydrogen peroxide is just one of the various bio-oxidative therapies out there to supplement that extra oxygen needed to restore the many oxidation processes that are vital for life and health.

        I decided to reply to your reply in hopes of clarifying the above posted comment I had made: You mention having used hydrogen peroxide on your basal cell carcinoma with mixed results. It sounds to me like you were doing the standard treatment of using a topical application of pharmaceutical-grade hydrogen peroxide that has been the protocol for killing ( oxidizing ) bacteria on a surface wound of the skin.

        What I was suggesting instead was a bath ( or soak) where you add hydrogen peroxide to your bath or soak basin and actually soak for a period of time. The intent and expected results are not the same as would be gained from the topical treatment just mentioned. There are plenty of sites that give the details for this soak treatment, so I will not go into it here. But, the intent is to soak for long enoug to allow the oxygen to get to the inner levels of the tissue involved. Some might suggest a minimum of , perhaps, 20 minutes; but again, you would need to consult the details to know just how to do it.

        And, lastly, Rosanne, you mention that yours is the basal-cell variety, so it would appear to be more like scar tissue. Whether oxygen can even penetrate such tissue, even with extended soakings would remain to be seen. I would never personally recommend anyone with a skin cancer to choose this protocol instead of any recommended allopathic treatment regimen. But, if you are killing time anyway wait for the conventional treatment, what would you have to lose by giving it a whirl? BUT, it is your body and thus it is entirely your decision as to how to proceed.

        I am not a doctor. I merely report what I learn from what other researchers have learned and reported on over the years. Rosanne, I do hope your tissue extraction process is successful. Again, you have a number of procedures to weigh. But, the odds are all in your favor. Good luck, and good health. I will be praying and rooting for you.

        Dave Haack

  4. Dotie Awaer says:

    Your comment about bananas and using H202 was confusing. When using the hydrogen peroxide protocol, should I eat bananas–or not? Thanks for the great articles!

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Dotie, I don’t recall saying not to eat bananas. Just don’t eat anything 3 hours before taking the peroxide and don’t eat anything for an hour after taking it.

      • Dotie Awaer says:

        “There is an enzyme in fresh pressed carrot juice and bananas that breaks down H202 into water and oxygen on contact. No sugary, alcoholic or carbonated beverages.”

        The statement about bananas is what I don’t understand.

        Thank you VERY much for your blog!

  5. Rosanne says:

    Hi Dotie, that was a quote directly off this website, It is in quotes and the website is given credit for it. Any changes I made to the regimen where in parenthesis within the article. I did not come up with the dosing plan I used and I wanted the reader to see where I got the plan I used and what changes I made to it for myself. You may want to contact the authors at with your question. But if you don’t eat anything for the time range specified you should not have a problem with carrot juice or bananas breaking down the peroxide too early. Rosanne

  6. mike says:

    If you get skin cancer again, you may want to try a more aggressive approach with h2o2 externally on the skin sore. Quite a few people are reporting success with that. Check this page:

    • Rosanne says:

      Mike, thank you so much! I did try the peroxide on my lesson a couple times and it seemed to help it heal but would come back. Evidently I wasn’t persistent enough, and being my face didn’t want to waste too much time. However next time I will be more agressive. Thank you again!

      • mike says:

        You’re welcome. Some people from the 2 pages on that link just keep reapplying the h2o2 until it crusted and healed up. Some even have pictures. Can’t hurt to try I don’t think. Anyway, big thanks to you for your website, its a great resource for people, so I hope you will continue to maintain it!

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