About Rosanne

     Not a day goes by that I can’t believe how incredibly fortunate I am! And I thank God (and my dad) every time I think to. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer I kept asking myself “why me?” Even now I still ask the question,”why me?”, but it’s for an entirely different reason. Why did God save me of all people? There had to be a reason. What purpose am I to fulfil? That’s when it came to me, I had to get the word out. And with my background as a nurse and currently working in computer software I had the perfect foundation, analytical skills and tools. I feel like my whole life has led me to this point. My purpose is to help as many people as I can! Everything I went through from the time of diagnosis, to the surgery, to the chemotherapy, then finding that spot in my liver was absolutely necessary. As the nurse I knew I needed to take the standard of care route first, so there are no regrets if I had chosen not to do traditional medicine and my disease progressed. And I never thought I’d say this, but at this point I’m actually grateful for the cancer experience. I now realize I needed every piece of it to be where I am now… helping you!

     So, this is why I decided to start and continue to maintain this blog. What else is in it for me? Absolutely nothing other than the satisfaction that I know I’m doing everything I can to get the word out and to help everyone I possibly can! The links I’ve added under ‘Research Springboard’ are a couple of sites I had bookmarked because I thought they were interesting in my own quest for information. Hopefully they will serve as starting points for those seeking answers.  They don’t even scratch the surface of what’s out there. If you are wondering how I’m doing, keep checking back to the ‘Health Status Updates’ page. I will update it for each doctor appointment or milestone. As time goes on these are less and less frequent, but that is good news in itself.

     Lately I see that ‘Ads by Google’ have attached multiple links that, so far at least, appear to be related to peroxide therapy. I want you to know that these links were not solicited by me and I have nothing to gain for them being there except that it must help keep the lights on at wordpress.com. I have no problem with that as long as you know I don’t necessarily endorse them. I’m just so grateful that WordPress gives people like me a voice! Where would we be without the internet and the communication tools it supplies! If it wasn’t for the internet, my dad would probably never have heard about the peroxide. And I don’t even want to think about where that might have left me.


10 Responses to About Rosanne

  1. hello aunty says:

    Hi Rosanne

    Tks for dropping by at my site & sharing your story. I’ve heard about hydrogen peroxide therapy from a friend but yet to try it. Check this site for alternative treatment http://www.cam-cancer.org. Wish you well 😀

  2. Elvira Jacala says:

    Hi Rosanne,

    It’s Elvira again. Would you mind if I share your site/blog with another cancer patient? She is my sister -in-law’s co- worker. Also a nurse , This is her second bout with cancer, had metastasized to her liver and was told it is inoperable. I get frantic and worried when cancer pt lose their motivation to try anything else when the doctors give up on them. I hope your journey will give her the inspiration she needs to at least try.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Elvira,

      Yes, of course you can pass by blog along to anyone that can benefit from my experience! I know these days everyone is so concerned about HIPAA and privacy. But I’ve put myself out there so I can hopefully help as many people as possible. Please… everyone you can find that will listen even if they don’t have cancer. Sadly everyone knows someone these days with cancer. In fact if she wants to contact me herself, she’s welcome to send me an email to worked4me@windstream.net. I’d be happy to help put a face on the story and offer her as much support as I can. And I’ll keep her on my prayer list. Hugs, Rosanne

      • Elvira Jacala says:

        Thanks Rosanne. Just got her e mail address and I will send her the info and will relay that message to her. Take care and God Bless you always.

  3. Jackie Clark says:


    I have a question for you about your site. Please contact me when you can.


  4. I’m on 8 drops now and reading more and more about this way!! I’ve attemped it before but fell by the weayside when the drops caused stomach trouble (up-si-daisy)…. i’m determinded to do it this time . I have skin cancers and they are more frequent as time goes on., I haven’t had them tested this time, but have several times before, about 6 years ago, so I recognize themj….. I don’t want to be cut or burned by them. My husband was pitifully so, until he died of colon cancer.

    I have been using the 35 % food grade pyroxide on two ugly spots and they are beautifully healed! after much swelling and pain on the leg and hand, but it was worht it, so I know that works. …….. thanks for your encourageing website and information.Just bought a bottle of flax seed oil this morning and will get off the sugar and alcohol right away,,only use to one every other weekanyway. or so & ST Patrick’s Day!!…. through this Holyday weekend ,it will be hard.,going on vacation with family to a beach house, but i am determinded with the help of prayer and support of family…. i’ll make it….. thanks for your uplifting testimonies……. Have you heard of any one with skin cancers…. i’m, looking out for them on your site………. thanks Geraldine McM

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Geraldine. Did you apply the 35% peroxide directly to your skin lesion? Because I developed a basal cell lesion while doing an oral maintenance dose of the peroxide. See my page called “Important Update!”. So I’m assuming an oral dose of peroxide isn’t effective. I’m glad what you did worked. Don’t forget your sunscreen at the beach!

  5. Hi JRosanne… thanks for you comments. I used the 35% directly on the spots. now more
    are showing up, , even on my face, ,so i’m hoping that the oral doses will help……. I’m very careful about my diet , but could improve and will./. I realize “there are no fences in the body” I’l go to the update to check it our…….. God bless you too……. Geraldine

  6. Joyce says:

    Being both Irish and redheaded, I get skin cancers frequently. I used to take a day off from work and go to Orlando to get them removed. Then, I was unable to go one time because of pressures from deadlines at work, to get one removed from the base of my neck in back. It was large and weeping, but I simply could not go to get it cut out just then.
    While praying one day, the Lord seemed to put it in my mind to put some of my wrinkle cream on it. My cheap wrinkle cream was a double vitamin C formula and I did. By the end of the week, it had stopped growing and had started to dry up, and three weeks later it was completely dried up and gone.
    Now, I use a magnifying mirror (5-8 X magnification) to check my cells almost daily to see when a cancer first starts to change the appearance of the skin cells on my face and neck. At the very first changes, I apply the double vitamin C cream and I have not had a surgery on my skin since.
    One time, there was one forming and growing on the side of my nose and I was completely out of the vitamin c cream. The company I had been getting it from had evidently gone out of business. But I did have some vitamin C lip balm, made by Avalon Organics. I smeared some of that on the cancer every night until it finally dried up. I got the lip balm from Target, and the number of the Avalon Organics company listed on the tube is 1-888-659-7730.

    • Rosanne says:

      Hi Joyce, Thank you so much for offering your experience with skin cancer and the Vitamin C topicals. (Sorry accidentally posted before I was done.) Anyway, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Vitamin C treatment for cancer. You may have seen that I tried the peroxide on my nose lesion and it only seemed to be better for a day or so. I think if I had done it longer it may have done better but I was afraid as potent as it was that I may have left a scar. It sounds like your treatment would be safe as your treatments were developed for topical application. Thank you so much for contacting me. I will look for other preparations that contain Vitamin C. Hopefully your information will help others, too. Best wishes and God bless!

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