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Antioxidants – Are They Killing Us?

     Awhile back I read a news article where researchers from the University of Minnesota discovered that women that take vitamin supplements have an average of 2.4 % increase in mortality rate compared to those that do not. Seems odd … Continue reading

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Location is (almost) Everything!

Ever since I was diagnosed with colon cancer I’ve wondered what I could have done to prevent it. What did I do wrong? There definitely were warning signs that I ignored because there was no family history of colon cancer and I always … Continue reading

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Make Yourself Priority One!

     From the time we were young children we’ve been taught to believe we are invincible. Any Wile E. Coyote cartoon shows the road runner constantly out smarting Wile E.  In one frame Wile E. getting blown up or falls to certain death in … Continue reading

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