Health Status Updates

This page is intended to keep you informed of my personal health status. Since I have stabilized now with the liver lesion no longer visible in my June 2011 MRI, I think a brief update for each doctor’s appointment on this page will suffice to let you know my status and that I’m still kicking. Besides that doctors’ appointments are becoming less and less frequent so there just isn’t that much to tell you anymore when it comes to my own personal health. The plan is to put the most recent information on top so it will show in reverse chronological order. So keep checking back for updates if you haven’t heard from me lately and wonder how I am doing.

February 2016  Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to catch you up on an unrelated health event. Ever since I was a child I had mitral prolapse. For those of you that don’t know what it is, mitral prolapse is when the valves of the mitral valve (between the left atrium and the left ventricle of the heart) do not close properly. I knew there was a potential that this could get progressively worse until I would need to have it repaired. In fact when I was being worked up for my bowel surgery they said it had moderate to severe leakage then, but my focus was on getting the cancer surgery and with the other issues, it got pushed to the back burner. Well that day finally came at the end of January. I could have an whole other blog about that surgery but everything turned out great! I do however have a point for mentioning this. While I was treating myself with the peroxide I always wondered… if antioxidants protected coronary arteries from damage that could lead to plaque formation and coronary artery disease what would affect would taking h2o2 and its free oxygen have on them? Well when they were working me up for my valve surgery they did a cardiac cath to see if I may also need to have coronary artery bypass surgery too. My coronary arteries were perfect! They had no plaque at all! I’m not saying that the peroxide took away or even prevented the plaques. But at least in my case it didn’t cause any damage.

November 2015  It’s been 3 years since my last colonoscopy, so time for another. This colonoscopy was completely clean of any polyps or other abnormalities. So now I don’t have to have another colonoscopy for five years! Also I had a non healing lesion on my face removed that turned out to be basal cell carcinoma. So it is obvious that peroxide is not effective for all types of cancer. Please see my post “Important Update!” for more detail.

March 2015  MRI of the abdomen and chest x-ray show no signs of metastatic disease. There was no lab work ordered this time. In fact last March I had to talk my oncologist into even getting the MRI and having an appointment this year. And this year good naturedly he told me, “well have a great life and never come back here again!” So it is officially over! I really am cured! I will try to remember to update this page with a health status update at least once a year or more if there is a change however in the mean time if you don’t hear from me just assume my nightmare is over!

March 2014  Again… I haven’t seen my oncologist yet but I have my CEA and MRI results. The CEA is still <0.5 and the MRI shows the suspected metastatic lesion last seen March 2011 is still no longer visible and no signs of new metastatic disease. I suspect when I see my oncologist on Monday that I will not need to schedule another appointment. At least that’s what he said in September… if the March news remains good I will not need to come back. While that sounds great, it leaves me in a position of not having the ability to monitor for changes unless that responsibility will now go to my medical doctor. Also, the absence of news may lead you to wonder about my health. If you don’t hear from me, no news is good news. However feel free to email if you have any doubts.

September 2013 Well I haven’t had my doctor’s appointment yet, however I had my lab work drawn and received my results today. You may wonder how I receive my results when everyone seems to need to wait until they see the doctor. I guess that’s an advantage on working at a hospital and realizing that I do have access to them merely by asking. And so do you. Although it’s not always recommended. There is a lot to be said for the doctor explaining your results to you. It could prevent a lot of anxiety in between receiving your results and seeing your doctor. Well my CEA continues to be <0.5! You can’t get any better than that. And this is a significant milestone since I’m now at the 5 year mark since first diagnosis. Of course I had that nasty growth in my liver that was first seen four years ago so I’m still being cautious. I’m still taking my 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, current dose 17 drops in a glass of distilled water twice a week although I skip it when I’m on vacation and I’m not so strict about the days.

March 2013 And more good news! My MRI of the abdomen this month says the presumed metastatic lesion in the right hepatic dome remains inconspicuous. And my CEA is still < 0.5. Funny that my doctors didn’t feel a CEA over 0.5 was significant because it still fell within normal range, but the only time it was elevated over < 0.5 was when the lesion was seen in my liver. And my oncologist has also said he doesn’t think the liver lesion was anything, in spite of the fact that my CEAs were highest for me when the liver lesion was present. To me each confirms the validity of the other.

11/09/2012 Well it’s that time again. Time for another colonoscopy. If someone tells you the worse part is the prep, believe them. Especially for me since evidently he didn’t get the desired effect last time and I had to do a three-day prep. So that’s clear liquids and a laxative the first day and then two days of bowel prep! However the results were great. I scored a “FantasiCOL :-)” from my gastroenterologist! And the best part is I don’t need another colonoscopy for 3 years! I attribute the clean colonoscopy to a lot of things, but most likely due to taking aspirin regularly which can prevent colon polyps. You may not hear from me again until March or April since that’s my next scan and appointment with my oncologist. See you in the spring!

10/10/2012 No MRI ordered for this oncologist check up, but my CEA is still <0.5 which is music to my ears. The Metanx does seem to have helped with my neuralgia in my hands and feet. It is very tolerable now. I’m still taking 18 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a glass of distilled water as a maintenance dose twice per week. The next update will be after my colonoscopy scheduled in November 2012 and MRI and CEA scheduled for March 2013. Until then ‘no news is good news’!

April 2012 The good news continues. I had another MRI and the lesion is still gone. I’m still taking the peroxide, 18 drops in distilled water twice a week. I’m afraid to stop. My oncologist prescribed Metanx to possibly help with the neuralgia.

03/22/2012 MRI done today. I’m excitedly waiting for results.

03/15/2012 Ramping up for my next checkup. I had my CEA drawn along with other lab work today. The result came in at <0.5! Yippee! That will make the wait for the MRI scheduled for 3/22 easier to wait for, even though I’ve been told the CEA will not be an accurate indicator of tumor growth in my case. (So why order it, if you truly believe that?)

02/16/2012       Today was my last official pulsed infrared light treatment. I’ve tried to evaluate the sensation in my feet but the prickly feeling is so subjective it’s really hard to tell. Plus some days are better than others so how do you tell if overall there is an improvement. I may have a little more sensation, however let’s put it this way… I was hoping that the prickliness in my feet would be gone after these 32 treatments and my feet feel the same way they did before chemotherapy started, but that just didn’t happen. It wasn’t for lack of trying on Dr Tom’s part, and there certainly have been plenty of people with neuropathy that he has helped, even others with neuropathy caused by other chemotherapy agents, but just not that much for me. At least today… ask me again tomorrow. 🙂

12/09/2011       Today I had an evaluation to see how much progress there has been with the pulsed infrared light treatments to rid my feet of that annoying prickly feeling left over from the chemo. My scores have improved regarding sensation, vibration, heat, etc. However today the prickliness did not feel like it had improved. Sometimes when my feet are warm (not today… there was snow on the ground when I got up) they actually feel almost normal. I think Dr. Tom was disappointed that the prickliness had not improved more. But hopefully my feet will be warmer for the next evaluation. It’s still great that some sensation has returned.

11/21/2011       Today was the follow-up appointment with my oncologist to update me on my lab results that I already knew and to schedule me for my next MRI in the spring. He admitted he was quite concerned when the liver lesion showed up in October 2009, however, not so much now that it’s no longer visible. I’m certain the hydrogen peroxide will NEVER get any recognition from him. But that does not change the truth. I keep remembering what the liver specialist said when I asked what type of enhancing liver lesions get smaller without treatment (since h2o2 does not qualify as a treatment to traditional physicians), and the answer was ‘nothing’.

11/17/2011       In preparation for an upcoming oncologist appointment I had my lab work drawn which included chemistries and hematology tests. Woohoo, my CEA is 0.7!! Well within normal limits and less than the last CEA which was 1.6. And this was a total surprise… my platelets are 141,000. That is almost normal (155,000-404,000) and the best they’ve been since after my first chemo treatment. I’d like to see them better but at least it’s progress. My last platelet count was 116,000 in June. I mentioned this result improvement at the chiropractor’s office where the infrared light procedure is performed and they said others cancer patients they treat have reported improvement in their labs also. All other labs look good, too. Peroxide dose has been at 20 drops twice a week since June when it was reduced from 25 drops twice per week.

10/31/2011      Now that cancer and chemo are behind me, I decided to do everything I can to get rid of the annoying residual prickly and tingling sensation in my hands and feet that has stolen my dancing skills. According to my oncologist, the neuropathy I have two years after chemo is completed, typically I would keep for the rest of my life. Well I don’t like it! I fought my cancer and now I’m going to fight the side effects of the traditional cancer treatment. So thanks to a friend at work, I heard about a chiropractor that performs pulsed infrared light treatments that may improve the sensation, and hopefully my dance skills. Today was my first appointment! So far it’s hard to tell whether it will be effective after the full treatment course, but my feet do feel warmer. Since, schedule permitting, the treatments will be every few days, please don’t expect an update for each treatment.


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